You “herd” it here! PETA proposes sheep-friendly names for new local streets

For immediate release:
January 25, 2023

Robin Goist 202-483-7382

San Francisco – PETA today sent a letter to District 9 Supervisor Hilary Ronen, naming Wool Street. vegan wool street. If Ronen and the mayor agree to a name change, whether it lasts “a week, a month or forever,” PETA will be happy to pay for the new signage as the city sees fit. We’re donating 10 beautiful vegan wool coats for distribution when needed.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said: “PETA’s simple name change reminds everyone that staying warm in San Francisco is easy. When Give sheep a warm welcome by choosing vegan wool. ”

Sheep can recognize other sheep and humans from photographs and devise ways to overcome obstacles. But as revealed in 14 published articles, PETA organizations document cruelty to sheep in wool operations around the world. Even on “sustainable” and apparently irresponsible “responsible” farms, workers are afraid to shear sheep, beat, stomp, cut open or slit their throats in distress. You can see. Many top retailers offer natural, eco-friendly, animal-friendly and vegan his wool made from cotton, linen, tencel, modal, and other materials.

Part of PETA’s motto is that “animals aren’t what we wear”, but it is against the racism of the humanist worldview. For more information, see: or follow the group twitter, FacebookAlso Instagram.

Here is PETA’s letter to Ronnen:

January 25, 2023

Hilary Ronen
District 9 Supervisor

Mr. Ronen:

Happy new year! As a representative of those who seek the ethical treatment of animals, I urge the PETA organization to take action around the world with his timely proposal to make one of our favorite cities, San Francisco, even more animal friendly. We have over 9 million members and supporters.Make a powerful statement for all animals sheep the name of wool street vegan wool street? It could last him a week, a month, or forever, but New He has had positive media coverage, much like when Hot Springs, Mexico, renamed itself Truth or Consequences. Bringing people together, making people smile, and giving everyone a chance to learn about the benefits. of vegan wool!

You are herd Here it is: Sheep are highly intelligent, unique individuals who, like all of us, feel happiness, joy, pain, fear, loneliness, and who value friends, family, and life. Did you know that sheep can distinguish between different human expressions and detect facial changes in anxious sheep? Or are some sheep, like dogs, wagging their tails when excited? They form a deep and lasting bond with each other, sticking to each other during fights and grieves when they lose friends. But more often than not, it’s just a machine that produces wool. All of PETA’s exposés on the global wool industry, including over 100 wool operations on four continents, reveal that sheep are severely and systematically abused. The video shows workers intentionally inflicting injuries, sometimes fatally. When they are no longer profitable, where do they go—to the slaughterhouse.

Unlike wool stolen from sheep, vegan Wool is Good for Animals and the Environment Vegan Wool Jacket Organic cotton, linen, seaweed, wood, hemp, soybean and coconut fibers are just a few of the innovative, animal-friendly natural materials that make amazing fabrics.

With this simple name change, we were able to remind everyone that it’s easy to stay warm in San Francisco. When Warmly welcome sheep by choosing vegan wool and other animal-free materials. If you agree, we will gladly pay for the new signage. We will also give you 10 nice vegan wool coats of his. Please consider this.I look forward to hearing from you ewe.

really your

Ingrid Newkirk

cc: The Honorable London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco