Xylazine, known as “trank,” causes increased overdose deaths in New York


Illegal use of the powerful animal tranquilizer xylazine is fueling an increase in naloxone-resistant overdoses in several Central New York counties.

Xylazine is a non-opioid sedative, analgesic and muscle relaxant approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for veterinary use only. The drug has no approved use for humans.

Last October, the U.S. Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency issued a report stating that xylazine is increasingly being found in the U.S. illicit drug supply and in a growing number of overdose deaths, with the Northeast having the most identified cases of the drug in 2020 and 2021. The New York State Department of Health has reported the presence of xylazine in various parts of the state, including New York, Onondaga County, Monroe County and Long Island.