Women-owned restaurants to support Women’s History Month in Akron

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants and food businesses in the Akron area that are owned or co-owned by women in recent years to create a one-stop shop for those looking to show support. such businesses this month. That said, if you catch our drift, you don’t have to wait until March to patronize this business. This is not an exhaustive list of women-owned eateries in Akron, it simply highlights some of the businesses we had the opportunity to write about.

From authentic Mexican cuisine to breakfast ice cream, donuts and other fun treats, here’s a list of female-run restaurants and food businesses to check out this month.



This authentic Mexican spot in Ellet is owned by Blanca Saucedo.

“All the restaurants say they’re authentic,” Saucedo told the Beacon Journal in 2021. “It is possible only when the customer tastes the food. [they] tell me it’s real. I know there are many, many, many Mexican restaurants that even say authentic in their names, but [our] food is very different in this sense.”

Read more about La Loma:La Loma in Akron’s Ellet neighborhood adds authentic Mexican tacos and more to the menu. brings.

Main street saloon

Owner Marlene Denholm, left, and assistant manager Brooke Kennamore, right, are the mother-daughter duo that run Main Street Saloon.  Among them is a picture of his father/grandfather and the restaurant's first owner, David Kennamore.

Marlene Denholm owns the salon in Akron after her father David Kennamore (also known as Big D) took over after his death.

The restaurant’s most popular dishes are the gumbo burger, smoked wings, egg rolls and alligator wraps. Brooke Kennamore, assistant manager and Denholm’s daughter, assured reporter Tony Beans during the 2021 visit that the alligator was shipped overnight from Louisiana and was the freshest you’d get in Ohio.