Why Hailey Bieber’s Classic Samba Is Spring’s ‘It’ Sneaker

With brighter days ahead, it’s time to turn the page and think about life after winter boots (and hibernate in Uggs and Birkenstocks).

Hailey Bieber has already voted for spring’s “it” shoes. The star was seen in LA wearing many trends: leather jackets, cropped white tops, and straight-leg jeans that grazed her navel. Bieber walked in his classic Adidas sambas while talking.

It could be a World Cup spillover, or a desire to be cute and comfortable without trying too hard (Bieber’s MO).

We did some smart research. Here’s where to find spring shoes before the ground melts.

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Where to actually find Hailey Bieber’s beloved Adidas Sambas

Adidas Samba Classic, $75 at Amazon