What is South Dakota’s most POPULAR soft drink?

Soda, pop, a coke, depending on which region of the US you’re from, they are some of the most common names for soft drinks across the country.

I mean, who doesn’t like an ice cold soda? You pretty much have to have one for a movie, with a pizza or a burger, right?

A few years ago, I used to vacuum at least a 6-pack of soda every day. Then one day I quit cold turkey and lost over 50 pounds! But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I still enjoy a soda every day. (Get it, Jones soda. Yes, I know, this is a very poor attempt at soda humor.)

One thing is for sure, Americans love their soda, or pop as we like to call it here in South Dakota.

Every state has its go-to brand, and here in the Midwest we tend to stick with the more traditional types of soda. Nothing too crazy here.

The website EatThisNotThat took a deep dive into every state’s favorite soda, and here’s what they found in Midwestern states around South Dakota pouring out of their soda fountains.

Let’s start in the country of 10,000 sodas. Okay, maybe they don’t have very many, but apparently Minnesotans love their orange soda. Word has it they are CRUSH on orange pop.

North Dakota is populated with a bunch of Coke Zero drinkers. While many of us are Classic Coke fans, the folks up in North Dakota are a bunch of zero drinkers.

Meanwhile, over in the great state of Iowa, the folks at EatThisNotThat claim that the average Iowan is always up for a good splash. Iowa is one of three states in the nation where their go-to soda is a thirst-quenching spritzer.

And last but not least, the most POPULAR soda here in South Dakota is root beer. Whether it’s an A&W, a Far’s, a mug, a barg’s, or even a Sioux City Sarsaparilla, we South Dakotans don’t care. We just love a good old fashioned rootbeer flowing most days according to the gang at EatThisNotThat.

Rootbeer…South Dakota’s favorite soda.


Hey, at least we didn’t say something boring like cream soda or maybe Jolt. Do you remember Jolt Cola? It was big back in the 80s. Talk about canned caffeine. If you threw back a few of those babies, you could go duck hunting with a rake!

Source: EatThisNotThat

Take a tour of the 2023 Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle

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  1. Review the participating restaurants and their burgers
  2. Be sure to check their schedule and hours before you go
  3. Go to one of the restaurants
  4. Eat the burger
  5. Use the DTSF Digital Passport to vote and rate the burger
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