What Indians Eat for Christmas: 9 Popular Dishes from All Over the Country

Christmas is one of the most enjoyed festivals all over the world. This is when families come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. From decorating the Christmas tree, shopping for gifts to sharing meals with family and friends, there are many things that make this festival extremely special. And just like any other festival, Christmas celebrations wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some yummy food. While we all associate a typical Christmas meal with dishes like roast turkey, plum cake, eggnog, and mulled wine, there’s so much more to discover! Here we have compiled a list of 9 popular dishes from different parts of India that you must know and try. Take a look.

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Here are 9 Popular Christmas Dishes from All Over the Country:

1. Palapam

Palappam, also known as Appam, is a type of pancake unique to Kerala cuisine and is the main breakfast item for Christmas celebrations. It is prepared from fermented rice dough and coconut milk and is traditionally cooked in an apachatti. Thin and crunchy around the edges with a soft and fluffy center – palappams taste best when paired with vegetable stew. Click here for the Palappam recipe.

2. Pork Vindaloo

The word vindaloo comes from the Portuguese recipe ‘vino de alhos’, where ‘vino’ means vinegar and ‘alho’ refers to garlic. To make this dish, pork is slow cooked and flavored with pepper, garlic, and vinegar. This traditional Goan pork dish is a staple during Christmas celebrations. Serve with boiled rice to taste its flavor. Make Pork Vindaloo with this easy recipe.


3. Moilee the Duck

This recipe comes from the Anglo-Indian community of Maharashtra. This tender and juicy dish is made with duck meat and is bursting with flavor. It is traditionally served with bread, rice, fugias and salad. In Maharashtra, the Anglo-Indian community makes this dish with bottles of masala, and Christmas celebrations are almost incomplete without it.


4. Kulkul

Kulkuls, also known as kidyo, are sweet dough pieces shaped into small curls that look like shells. It is a traditional Kuswar dessert prepared by the Catholic communities of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka at Christmas. These crunchy sweet treats are deep-fried until golden brown and offer a fascinating indulgence in every bite. Make this Christmas special dessert with this easy recipe.

5. Allahabadi Cake

As the name suggests, this traditional Indian cake hails from the North Indian city of Allahabad. Roma is made with dipped dried fruits, petha, marmalade and lots of ghee. This creation was brought to life by the Anglo-Indian community living in the city. It is oozing with Desi flavors and makes a fabulous dessert to serve at a Christmas party. Click for Allahabadi cake recipe.

Plum Pie

6. Nga Atobia Thongba

The Christmas feast is an extravagant event in North East India. Nga Atoiba Thongba is a popular fish curry from Manipur state. It is made using basa fish and also includes potatoes and pears. People usually like this dish with a mixture of smoked fish, vegetable puree and steamed rice.

7. Bebinca

Bebinca is a traditional Goa dessert and is especially popular during the Christmas season. It typically has about seven to sixteen layers, but you can have as many layers as you want. This sweet Turkish delight has a golden yellow color and is made with coconut milk, sugar, eggs, butter and flour. It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture and is a must-have for any celebration in Goa.


8. Gongura Mutton

Gongura mutton is a popular Andhra style curry mutton. Gongura or sorrel leaves have a very distinctive sour taste and are one of the main ingredients of authentic Andhra cuisine. Mutton and Gongura leaves are cooked in a masala mix to make this delicious dish. Christmas dinner in Andhra Pradesh is all about Gongura mutton and their special biryani.

9. Rose Cookies

Another popular traditional sweet delicacy from Goa is rose cookies (achappam). These crunchy delicacies are made with rice flour, egg, sesame and sugar paste. They are prepared with the help of a special mold that gives their beautiful intricate designs. These classic Indian-style cookies are popularly made during the festive season.

Now that you know these Christmas delicacies, try them at home and share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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