Weird Foods You Must Try

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If you enjoy traveling, you may be bold and enjoy variety. But how bold are you? Certain countries and their fashion will undoubtedly put your openness to the test when it comes to the kitchen.
One of the main reasons we travel is to learn new things and be exposed to a lifestyle that is sometimes very different from what we have known in our lives.
But, really, how far are you prepared to go in terms of testing your palate’s senses, or even your moral instincts in some circumstances, when it comes to food?

Are you ready to consume insects? Cats, perhaps? Or what about dogs?
These things are fairly prevalent in many parts of the world and if you are brave enough, you may even be able to completely digest your food.

So, with an open mind and a big appetite, let’s take a look at 14 of the most unique foods you might eat when exploring the world.

1. 100-year-old eggs, Hong Kong.

A 100-year-old egg, one of China’s finest food specialties, isn’t actually 100 years old, but it will test how bold you are when it comes to eating weird. The 100-year-old egg was subjected to deliberate rotting for several months in a mixture of lime and clay, which caused the egg to turn an unattractive green color and thus become edible. Good luck with your meal.

2. Kobe Beef, Japan.

Kobe beef is described as “melting in your mouth, mouth-watering delicious.” Unlike traditional beef, the fat will seep out if it’s cooked after it’s been cooked medium-rare, like steak – that’s how it melts in your mouth.

3. Bear Claws, China.

Yes, you read correctly. Bear claws are actually served as part of a dish! This bear claw stew is an expensive Chinese delicacy. People burn a hole in their pockets to consume this as it is claimed to improve your health and sexual function. However, animal rights activists criticize the apparent torture of bears prior to their killing and grooming, which poses a threat to this delicacy. Torturing bears causes them to release toxins and hormones that give them a distinct flavour.

4. Ras Ghanem, Morocco

Although it can be hard to fathom, Sheep’s Head is a typical meal served at Moroccan tables. The unusual delicacy is often served with the head only, and it is common for people to eat the eyes as well. Most people will say it’s not the best dish they’ve ever had, but it’s without a doubt a great experience.

5. Hamama, Egypt.

Some might argue that pigeons are a nuisance in most places and that they are a very unpleasant bird, but in Egypt, pigeons are delicious and highly prized by the country’s foodies.
Stuffed or grilled pigeon is a typical Egyptian meal that many Egyptians eat on a daily basis.

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