We tested Spätzle Bar for you, a new restaurant that is a huge hit in Strasbourg

This is the address of Strasbourg’s new trendy street food (Bas-Rhin): the Spätzle bar has just opened in the city centre. The concept was to be ephemeral, but due to its success, the restaurant is permanent. His main assets: a local recipe and a chef who loves to put on a show.

“Sorry, we’ve already served everything, and we have nothing more to offer.”In the face of latecomers still trying their luck after 1:30 p.m., Jean-Sebastien Aumann, master of the place, laments. Smiles of annoyance or even a grimace of frustration from the hungry. Because the proposal has already whetted their appetite: Homemade muffins, like those of our grandmothers, a little box of family comfort to eat on the go or at the office.

And when there is more, there is more. No need to search in the freezer. Here, it’s homemade. From purchasing ingredients to delightful customer service, Jean-Seb takes care of it all. He makes his own dishes, the broths he cooks in, and the sauces he prepares with love, all based exclusively on local produce. Each lunchtime – the little restaurant is open six days a week at lunchtime – can provide about sixty servings.

Homemade, we have the proof. When we come to get something to eat here we also like to note the craftsman in the kitchen. It must be said that the place is only 18 square meters, including the counter, two stools and the table where you can eat on site, in direct contact with the kitchen. And Jan Seb loves to play it. “I need to be in direct contact with customers, to see how they react when they taste my food. If they seem disappointed, I want to understand why.”


To him, Spätzles was clearly in the clear. “First because I’m Alsatian, and all Alsatians love it! Then it’s very basic: dough and then you can enjoy turning down lots of accompaniments.” A simple concept that speaks to him, exactly what the 40s needed to change his life, is what he describes as a “Swiss Army Knife” autobiography. Five years ago, he was in the transport business, when he studied mechanical engineering at IUT and then worked in a design bureau. Stoves were not, however, an unknown world: his parents provided food for the juveniles: “Growing up in kitchens, my dad taught me a lot of things.”

The marriage of local produce and street food is a winning combination!

Let’s go to the tasting. Jan-Sepp browns the pasta in front of you, and you can even choose to cook it. With that said, several sauces to choose from: mushroom, muenster, chicken. The noodles are melt and crunchy at the same time, the sauce has a taste. The analysis is confirmed by Christelle who works in the area and who is also discovering the concept for the first time: “They taste the same as me.” Is she satisfied?. And they’re golden when I make them.”

Like Christelle, the people of Strasbourg make up the bulk of the clientele along with the students. Few tourists. “Alsatians are crazy about it because they like to eat what they know bestnotes Noémie Schultz, the business owner who occasionally comes by to lend a hand at the counter. Before that, we introduced Banh Bao, but the Asian innovation was more difficult after customers.”

Besides, she was just envisioning an ephemeral experience for a Spätzle bar. “We launched it in December for the Christmas market. We thought once winter was over, we should move on.”. But success made the proposal permanent. “We’ll work to dismiss differences in the spring and summer.”already announced Jean Sepp who already has some ideas for flavors: spaetzle with caper sauce, candied tomato, tarragon or wild garlic.