Warning from mom that annoying TikTok accounts are ‘watching your kids’

A mother issued a severe warning to other parents after she found disturbing accounts while following her daughter’s private social media.

Jess, who shares posts on TikTok under the name ‘Hashtag Facts’, made the discovery after hearing about an alarming trend on TikTok where videos of a famous three-year-old boy were recorded and downloaded by thousands of anonymous accounts.

When Jess took a closer look at the videos her 12-year-old daughter shared and her daughter’s private Instagram account, she said she needed to speak up and warn other families about what she found.

“The problem with all rescues and stalking is that people watch your kids and do disgusting things,” he said. “Protect your children.”

Mom warns parents to share their kids’ videos

Jess revealed that she started investigating the events after learning about the controversy about the popular three-year-old creator Wren Eleanor, who has more than 17 million followers on TikTok.

While at first glance the content shared by Wren’s mother was cute videos of the toddler playing dress-up, many parents began to voice concerns that some of Wren’s followers might have sinister motives.

Jess, a mom, raises the alarm about a disturbing trend on TikTok.

“What moms noticed was how many times these videos of Wren were recorded,” Jess explained, noting that one video of the toddler wearing a cropped top was recorded more than 45,000 times, while the other was eating a hot dog. It has been recorded 345,000 times.


“People are starting to notice really disgusting comments left by men. I won’t share the nasty ones, but I noticed someone posted: ‘too mature for her age’.”

When Jess saw this comment, it immediately reminded her of a comment she received on a video of her 12-year-old daughter.

Jess discovered that the children’s videos were recorded by thousands of anonymous accounts.

“My daughter doesn’t have a TikTok account… but my daughter was doing a ‘3,2,1 bang challenge’ and I posted this and got the following comment: ‘your daughter is so cute,'” he said.

“I thought the comment was innocent when it was posted but it isn’t. Then I realized that my daughter’s video was recorded too much and I removed it.”

“Delete your children from social media immediately”

Things got even more troubling when Jess checked her daughter’s private Instagram account and found anonymous accounts like “Fun Testicles” that followed her and viewed her content.

Jess urged parents to take their kids off social media.

Jess’ alert has gone viral and has now been viewed more than 5 million times, with many moms saying they’re cutting their kids off social media altogether as a result.

“This is why I no longer send my children. Of course, 98 percent of viewers think it’s innocent and cute. But that 2 percent isn’t worth it,” one mother wrote.

“The amount of savings amazes me. In fact, these people use code words to describe each other in the comments. So scary!” another added.

“Wow, this really opened my eyes, I send my son all the time,” another mother worried.