Veterinary care is a family affair

Shrewsbury – Marco Sima, co-owner of Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital in Shrewsbury, traces his desire to be a vet all the way to his father, who was a vet in Serbia.

“He was smart in school and grew up loving animals,” Sima said. “At the time, he was treating big animals, like horses, cows, chickens and things like that. He did that for 10 years and enjoyed his time there.

“He was very committed to his job,” Sima said. “For him, it was all about taking care of animals of all kinds and he was naturally drawn to this trade like a moth to a flame. No matter what else was involved in the job, he was willing to do what was necessary.”

Dina Rover, RPh, VMD and Marco Sima, VMD, owners of Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital, bred their dog, Dakota, while talking about practice at Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital in Shrewsbury, NJ Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

In addition to being a vet, Sima’s father also worked as a food inspector.

“While working as a food inspector in Poland, he met my mother in a factory and got to know each other,” Sima said. “I went to an art school in Poland at the time and they dated for a year before getting married.”

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