Vegans reveal what they’ve lost since going vegan and how they feel now

Going vegan or plant-based ultimately means changing your diet and consuming different foods.

This gives you a wider range of vegetables to eat and recipes to cook, but you may feel like you’ve had to say goodbye to your favorite foods.

Recently, I asked my followers a question on social media. “Is there anything you miss since going vegan?”

The answers are flowing in a very complicated bag. Here are the top results.



“Cheese!!! It was the only thing that held me back from finally going vegan and I still miss it,” says Joanne.

As expected, cheese was among the top responses for items people miss. The type of cheese and the method of preparation are likely to be major factors.

“For cheese. Delicious cheese pizza, cold cream cheese on a bagel, sharp cheddar and grapes on crackers, fluffy cheesecake…I will not stop being vegan for the world, but… I hope one day vegan cheese finds its way,” says Tanesha.

Many commentators have stated that “no vegan cheese compares,” and have not found a suitable replacement since making the switch.

“Cheese. I’ve been vegan for nearly four years and haven’t really found a replacement for it yet. But there are many close competitors!” says Ethan.

Several evaluations have been conducted to ascertain just how addictive cheese really is, and some even state that dairy cheese has been proven to release high levels of dopamine.

Our advice for making the switch is to cut out all cheese for a few weeks and then gradually reintroduce vegan cheese instead.

That said, vegan cheese development has come a long way in recent years, with delicious artisanal vegan cheeses being introduced to the market.

Most supermarkets now stock dairy-free, vegan-friendly dairy cheese alternatives, so you have plenty of options!

There’s even a guide on how to find the right cheese substitute based on what you’re cooking with. This saves a lot of trial and error!


Chocolate is mentioned so often, commentators say nostalgic chocolate doesn’t make the plant-based switch that perfectly corresponds to memory.

“Literally the only maltiser. I just miss the sheer joy of eating a whole box of maltisers,” says Kallis.

In particular, certain things like Jaffa Cakes, Maltesers and Wagon Wheels were people eager to be vegan friendly.

“Only Jaffa cake. I haven’t eaten Jaffa cake since I went vegan five years ago. It’s the only thing I miss. I used to get one big long box for Christmas.” I don’t know why it’s so hard just to get the egg out of the sponge every time I go grocery shopping I check the ingredients and hope someday I can buy this but it’s not me. loves going vegan and it’s the best thing ever Cheers.” says Claire.

But things look promising, with big name brands like Galaxy and Cadbury releasing dairy-free versions in recent months.

We’ll hold our breath to see what comes next, but in the meantime we have plenty of chocolate treats.

neutral opinion

It may not be an edible answer, but it’s still a valid answer!

“I miss being able to order meals without anyone telling me where to get my protein?” says Caitlin.

The freedom to go wherever you want and eat what you want without judgment or questioning of others is an aspect that is not usually expected when switching to a vegan lifestyle.

“I miss being liked and not appreciated by others, but living truthfully is more important to me,” Magi says.

One universal complaint was finding it difficult to dine with other people because they were omnivorous and asked unnecessary questions. Or even feel like a burden because of it.

“I miss how easy it is to host. I always feel so bad when I’m invited to a meal somewhere and the host has to call to ask about ingredients. ” says Tallinn.

Opinions are changing, however, and more people are embracing the idea of ​​a plant-based lifestyle.

We recommend going to a vegan venue where it’s perfectly normal to order plant foods, or join a club to meet other people and socialize with vegetarians.

Plus, if you’re struggling to become a solo vegan, here are some additional tips.


Most of the responses reflected the feeling that nothing was missed and nothing was regretted!

“Best thing ever!! I never miss a funny thing. It’s about animals.” says Cheyenne.

Knowing that a plant-based diet is reducing animal suffering is a far greater joy than losing something that was once eaten.

“There are few things I miss: smoked salmon, smoked haddock, boiled eggs and some cheese, but I will never go back. To me, animal life means so much more.” Best decision I ever made, says Bren.

Giving up certain foods should not be considered a loss.

“In my opinion the cravings all go away at some point. Been vegan for over 5 years (I was vegetarian for a few years before that) and will never go back. It’s readily available (and I rarely buy it), so it’s easy to recreate what I was eating before I went vegan,” says Catalina.

New recipes, flavors and textures can all be found in plant-based diets that have been shown to be kinder to our bodies, the environment and animals.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to like, comment and share their thoughts!

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