Vegan Treats’ 2023 Fatally Yours Limited Edition Chocolates Now Available For Pre-Order

It’s been a few years since we covered Vegan Treats’ Fatally Yours limited edition chocolates, but with the coverage of the past few years suddenly trending, it might be a good idea to revisit the fun, dark Valentine’s Day treats. I felt no.

I first learned about the annual Fatally Yours Chocolate Box in 2017. Vegan Treats Bakery’s limited-edition boxes of chocolates feature new themes each year, but are always based on love and death, perfect for All Hallows Geek viewers.

This year’s collection is “Until the Stars Disappear”. The unique heart-shaped box is embossed and varnished and features three skeletons of him lying under a starry sky and the constellations that read ‘Fatally Yours’.

(Image: Vegan Treats)

This year’s box contains 16 handcrafted premium Swiss chocolates, rice milk and white chocolates. Each chocolate comes in a new black insert tray uniquely created to protect the chocolate during shipping. This year’s chocolates are:

  • Chocolate Almond Butter Toffee Crunch with Caramel Banner (1)
  • Swiss Chocolate Espresso Ganache Coffin (2)
  • Bolivian Rose Salted Caramel Star (2)
  • Jumbo White Chocolate Marshmallow Peanut Butter Dream Skull (1)
  • Swiss Chocolate Berry Berry Cream Skull Flower (2)
  • Rice Milk Chocolate Speculoos Skull (2)
  • Candied Pistachio White Chocolate Hearts (2)
  • Rice cracker Swiss chocolate crunch (1)
  • Swiss Chocolate Hazelnut Praline X (1)
  • Swiss Chocolate Hazelnut Praline O (1)
  • My boo chocolate brownie chew (1)

The 2023 Fatally Yours Limited Edition Chocolate Box is available for pre-order now for $114.95 and will ship the week of January 30th. For those on a smaller Valentine’s Day budget, a mini version of the box is also available, and for $79.95 he’s got eight chocolates. If you’re looking to indulge, Vegan Treats also includes Fatally Yours Chocolate Boxes, Fatally Yours Mini Chocolate Boxes, and exclusive Vegan Treats keepsake tins featuring swiss chocolate and toasted almonds and chocolate-wrapped almond brittles. Release Deluxe Bundle. Butterscotch bonbons only available in this collection. The Deluxe Bundle Chocolate Collection is available for pre-order at $224.95.