Vegan Health Supplement Brand FitSpire Plans Expansion In Tier II III Cities

Fitspire, a growing vegan health supplement brand in India, plans to expand its operations into Tier 2 and 3 cities, given the surge in demand for plant-based vegan health supplements in India. I’m here.

Fitspire was founded in 2020 by IIM Lucknow alumni Vipen Jain and co-founders Nidhi Jain and Hinah Sawhney. Fitspire has gained popularity as India’s first vegan family health and wellness brand. The startup, which reported his 50% sales growth in 2020, now spreads its success and products across the country and over the next five years he plans to grow at his CAGR of 35%.

“We plan to continue our omnichannel approach and grow through our e-commerce channels and our own website. We also want to have a presence in the international market where demand for vegan products is high. Most people in India, whether they hail from a 2, or Tier 3 city, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. , is to provide the most useful information and easily accessible healthcare supplements regardless of your address.


“At Fitspire, we wanted a real 100% vegan, nutritious and allergen-free supplement that was a feast for the senses. We believe that the right nutritional profile has the power to enrich, balance and nourish our lives. Understanding the current market environment, competition and economics in this new sector is always important, especially as we expand into various other segments as a brand. The rationale behind is not just limited to revenue diversification, we aim to enter new markets to increase brand awareness,” added Vipen.

Fitspire is already serving Tier 1 cities. Step by step, the startup is shifting its focus to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities such as Meerut, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Gwalior.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, malnutrition is a major concern for people. Fitspire was created to fill this remaining nutritional gap in the country. Fitspire strives to inspire people to make healthier, greener and more mindful lifestyle choices with healthy, plant-based, vegan alternatives to health supplements.