Vegan fish spread makes its way from Trader Joe’s to Holland


The traditional flavors of Rocks bagels are typically created by combining two animal products, dairy cream cheese and smoked salmon, with accoutrements such as capers, onions and dill. But what if you don’t want to eat animal products? Trader Joe’s has just that.

The grocery chain’s new vegan Salmonesque spread is a combination of everything we love about Rocks bagels made without harm to animals on land or in the sea. A new product that mixes vegan mayo and konjac-based salmon with a dairy-free cream cheese base and seasonings such as capers, lemon juice, and dillweed.

The innovative bagel topper is available at Trader Joe’s nationwide and is stocked in the store’s refrigerated section for $4.29 per 8-ounce tub.

Vegan Fish at Trader Joe’s

The new vegan fish spread delivers on Trader Joe’s promise to develop more plant-based products for all categories in-store, including fish. The store offers vegan jackfruit-based crab cakes in the freezer aisle, but Amy Gaston Morales, category manager of Trader Joe’s deli, frozen meats, seafood, meatless, and fresh beverages, said last year that she wanted more. I explained that they have vegan seafood options in store, which helps with my daily diet.


“I would love to do more work on the seafood side,” Gaston Morales revealed in the episode Trader Joe’s store podcast. “While we don’t yet have plant-based seafood product options in our store, there are alternatives to Crabhi cakes, scallops and tuna on the market.”

The new vegan salmonesque spread is similar to Miyoko’s Creamery Unlox Your Dreams, a product Trader Joe’s previously stocked in the refrigerated section.

Vegan fish spread all over the world

Trader Joe’s new Salmonesque spread is part of a growing vegan seafood trend that addresses the need for solutions to reduce pressure from the world’s oceans ravaged by industrial fishing.

In addition to Trader Joe’s new vegan spreads, similar products in the vegan fish spreads category have been launched, allowing consumers to make truly sustainable choices. California-based brand JINKA offers his three vegan tuna spreads available at Whole Foods Markets: Original, Lemon & Dill, and Spicy.



“Americans eat more than a billion pounds of tuna each year, so switching even a fraction of those consumers to JINKA’s delicious fish-free alternatives will help our oceans and the animals that live there. It can have a huge impact on the health of people,” said JINKA. Founder and CEO Alberta Liao said in his statement:

In Europe, German brand BettaF!sh makes a vegan ‘tuna’ spread that blends broad beans with sea-grown seaweed. After launching vegan tuna sandwiches in 4,000 of his ALDI stores last year, the company is now in the process of expanding to five countries, and soon he’ll be launching Au Naturel, Olive, Tomato & Chilli, Caper & Pepper flavors.



This week, the company announced that its vegan tuna spread is now available in 12 Dutch cities via grocery delivery platform Gorillas, with further expansion planned for regions such as the UK.

From Trader Joe’s to Jinka to BettaF!sh, these vegan fish products are on the market in a concerted effort to provide consumers with options that may take the pressure off the world’s marine ecosystems. Powering the myriad of choices out there.

More sustainable vegan seafood

How can we make vegan seafood even more sustainable? One way is to bring other aquaculture businesses on board. In Europe, BettaF!sh partners with Nordic Oceanfruit to supply seaweed ingredients. This sister company grows seaweed in the ocean, removing dependence on freshwater resources and generating additional benefits such as increased biodiversity and reduced acidification.

The US-based The Plant Based Seafood Company just announced a similar partnership with women-led company Atlantic Sea Farms, making it even more sustainable.patronage top boss Judge Tom Colicchio of The Plant Based Seafood Company was founded by Shelly Van Cleve and Monica Talbert. A mother and daughter duo, she has 20 years of experience in the seafood industry under Van Cleve Seafood Co.


The Plant Based Seafood Company

Based on Gwynn’s Island in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, the company is on a mission to restore the oceans by producing a variety of vegan seafood. Under the new partnership, the company will use kelp grown at Atlantic Sea Farms to add nutrients and umami to reconstitute Mindblown his shrimp, scallops and crab cakes. The business is engaged in regenerative aquaculture and in just four seasons harvesting kelp on the mine he removed 260,000 pounds of carbon.

This partnership will help build a modern seafood industry where a rising tide can lift all ships. Atlantic Sea Farms founder Bri Warner said in his statement: “We are her two women-owned businesses working tirelessly to help coastal communities that face climate change diversify their incomes, improve their food systems and restore their oceans. In my view, there are no more transformations.”

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