Vas and Zoetis collaboration makes collecting dairy genetic data easy

Dairy farmers will now have the ability to streamline record keeping of their herd’s genetic and production data using two software platforms from VAS, an integrated farm management systems technology company. Vas is partnering with Zoetis to provide farmers with a better cross-compatibility between Vas’ PULSE platform, a comprehensive cloud-based farm management software, and DairyComp, a herd health system with genetic and dairy testing. Fertility CLARIFIDE from Zoetis.

Zoetis Genomics integration is one of 40 integrations with other dairy data collection technologies offered by VAS. Unifying with Zoetis makes it easy for farmers to view herd and genomic data in one place for efficient herd management.

“The powerful combination of genomic data and herd management software helps inform profit-driven decisions,” says Scott Noble, VAS vice president of strategy. “For farmers, they can now begin the digital transformation of their dairy farm by closing the information gap to increase productivity and build their future herd.”

Here are five ways collaboration helps you improve your management:

  1. Save time by entering data in one place, including animal identification, lab samples, and pedigree data. When you first access the PULSE platform, it automatically updates all new data within Zoetis SearchPoint, the company’s genetic database.

  2. You can use DairyComp mobile, an app that allows you to locate sample animals and scan your sample barcode to store in your record as you move around the barn.

  3. Submit a genomic sample submission form electronically through the PULSE platform to assign sample types and select the CLARIFIDE test to be performed and submitted.

  4. You can comprehensively monitor the genomic testing status of an individual animal with PULSE.

  5. You can search for genomic values ​​and test results via the CowCard genomics tab of PULSE. You can also automatically sync updated genomic values ​​in PULSE and DairyComp.

“Our collaboration with VAS makes it easy for dairy farmers to capture the value of genetic testing and the accuracy of genomic predictions for health and production outcomes in their herds,” says Jason Osterstock, DVM, Ph.D., vice president and director of precision animal health at Zoetis.

Learn more about how this integration can help your dairy connect with VAS Support or visit the new site, PULSE Platform.