Valentine’s Day specials at restaurants and bars in Knoxville

Valentine’s Day is a great time to make your partner feel special, and nothing beats a classic, romantic dinner and drinks to set that mood.

Fortunately, several restaurants in and around Knoxville already have Valentine’s Day dinners and drinks planned. All you have to do is choose!

Knox News has compiled a list of 14 restaurants and bars with Valentine’s Day specials and holiday-themed courses.

RT Lodge


RT Lodge, one of Maryville’s fine dining experiences, is accepting reservations for its four-course Valentine’s Day dinner.

For $135 per person plus tax, dinner starts with a cream of mushroom soup or a beet and citrus salad, then pan-roasted duck breast or lobster, followed by an entrée of red wine-braised beef rib or Gulf grouper, and finally a dessert choice of Black Forest cake or Baked Alaska.