US-based chains accelerate menu launches in other parts of the world

Pizza Huts in Japan introduced crusts made with Japanese rice to hedge against high wheat prices./Photo Courtesy of Pizza Hut Japan

American travelers who stop by a McDonald’s or Papa Johns in another country are often surprised to see items that never make it to their home menu.

Technomic’s Navigator Program tracks these items every three months to uncover emerging food and beverage trends at US-based chains around the world. Here nine Highlights from the Fall 2022 Global Menu Innovation report.

Argentina: Philly

Wendy’s In Argentina, he turns a classic Philly cheesesteak into a burger by topping veal patties with feta and melted cheddar cheese with sautéed vegetables on a brioche. Philadelphia cheesesteak ingredients are increasingly making their way into hamburgers and pizza.


Brazil: Calabresa Burrito

A burrito LTO taco bell It is stuffed with a local sausage in Brazil: Linguica Calabresa. There are also more classic burrito ingredients in the mix, including rice, jalapeno, onions, and cheese, all rolled into a flour tortilla. Trend: localization of the main menu item with a protein identified with the country cuisine.

Taco Bell burrito

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell Brazil

Chile: Veggies with Cheese

There is no mention of pizza in the name of this menu item. Papa Johns in Chile. However, these cheese bread sticks, which are often used alongside pizza concepts in America, are developed with premium ingredients. Guests can choose from corn, onions, jalapeno, mushrooms, pineapple and black olives, along with pesto and barbecue sauces, and customize it with vegetables and sauces to add a chef-inspired twist.

France: Chicken Harimous

Metro It’s accelerating menu innovation in the US, as evidenced by this summer’s launch of 12 chef-created sandwiches at the Subway Series. But the French Chicken Harimous has not yet crossed the Atlantic. Combining Harissa spiced chicken with creamy hummus, this sub takes customers on a culinary adventure in North Africa and the Middle East.

India: Popcorn Nachos

menu KFC In India, it offers tortilla chips topped with popcorn chicken to create a multicultural snack or loaded side. Doritos chips are topped with crispy fried chicken bites and served with two toppings: masala salsa and cheesy jalapeno. Technomic predicts creative snacks and sides will grow as a menu category.


KFC Nachos

Photo courtesy of KFC India

Japan: Pizza with Rice

Pizza Hut In Japan, it’s avoiding high wheat prices by adding rice pizza crust to its core menu. The dough is made from 100% native rice and comes in three global variations: Japanese, European and American, each with ingredients inspired by that country or region.

Philippines: Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich

Fake breakfast meats and vegan egg alternatives are popular ingredients for plant-based breakfast sandwiches in the United States. Starbucks In the Philippines, she gets more creative by layering sautéed mushrooms and scrambled tofu instead of eggs, and also adds a plant-based breakfast meat. It comes on an egg-free, dairy-free scone bun for an all-vegan morning meal.

Singapore: Laksa Sarar

To taste the fish sandwich reflecting the Singapore cuisine, Long John Silver She wraps spicy fried fish with butter lettuce, sliced ​​tomatoes, and a par-boiled egg, adding local flavor to the coconut-accented laksa with mayonnaise. Also available in chicken version. Both reinterpret the flavors of laksa, Singapore’s signature noodle dish.

Shake Shack flavors three items with chili in the UK

England: Chili Crisp Menu Inspired by Sichuan

Chili pepper, the spicy Chinese condiment that grows on US menus, is still relatively unknown in the UK. shake the shack LA brand launched three new products with Fly by Jing. Chili Crisp Chicken with pickles, shredded lettuce and spring onion mayonnaise is on the menu; Chili Crisp Chicken Bites with spring onion-mayo sauce; and Shake Shack’s Chili Crisp Cheese Fries with cheese sauce.

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