UDA’s Anne Wamuratha Reacts After Donating Bread and Unga

Anne Wamuratha, Kiambu Women’s Representative, allied with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), was on the receiving end after photos of her donating bread to needy families in Kiambu were shared online.

The MP was in Ruiru Constituency in Biashara District on Monday, January 23 and shared breakfast with the children as schools reopened. He also donated a packet of cornmeal and bread to their families.

“Our people are not lazy, we will work hard to improve our people’s lives through empowerment programs simply because they don’t have the opportunity and we move forward together,” he said.

Kiambu residents line up to buy bread and flour from their Women’s Representative Anne Wamuratha on Monday, January 23, 2023


Anne Wamuratha

However, the act of kindness seemed to caress others the wrong way. Some questioned why it gives bread to families rather than opportunities to raise tuition fees.

One of them urged the politician to advocate lowering food prices instead of giving peanuts to the public.

“One thing at a time. We advocate manufacturing and building suitable factories so that they can find employment and eat three meals a day. They have the capacity,” Wamuratha said.

A Kenyan was shocked when the politician took the photo after donating a loaf of bread costing around Ksh 60.

But Wamuratha also donated a two-pound packet of flour in her defense, adding, “I felt satisfied while pushing for scholarships and jobs.”

Some accused politicians (in general) of being disconnected from the needs of Kenyans struggling to make ends meet when the cost of living became out of reach.

Another said, “Don’t give a poor man a fish, give him a fishing rod and teach him how to fish.

On the other hand, it was praised by those who thought every action was important, as some residents could not afford the bread.

“He just gives something to someone who needs it,” one user argued, adding that Kenyans immediately judge Wamuratha.

An incident in 2021, in which the politician was caught throwing a cake at people during an event, haunted him.

Kiambu Women's Representative Anne Wamuratha (in kitenge dress) interacts with boda riders on Monday, January 23, 2023

Kiambu Women’s Representative Anne Wamuratha (in kitenge dress) interacts with boda riders on Monday, January 23, 2023


Anne Wamuratha