Two Birds Street Food closes permanently in Pensacola

Years before Pensacola residents found a favorite food truck for every night of the week, there were a few daring restaurateurs testing the waters, fighting for a spot in Pensacola’s lunch crowd.

Pensacola lost one of the founding fathers of the food truck this month when Two Birds Street Food announced on social media that it would shut down on January 19.

After six years in Pensacola and 26 years in the restaurant industry, Eric Pommerening, owner of Two Birds Street Food, told the News Journal that what he wants more than anything right now is more time.

“I’ve come to a point where I’m like – my kids aren’t getting younger anymore. So it’s time for me to spend some time with my family.”

Owner Eric Pommerening, right, and Adrian Head prepare orders at the Two Birds food truck outside the Alga Beer Company in Pensacola on Thursday, January 19, 2023.  This was the last night of operation of the food truck, which Pommerening decided to continue.  other career opportunities.

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However, after serving Pensacola for six years and creating more than 500 menus, Pommerening left behind a legacy as a pioneer that paved the way for what is now Pensacola’s thriving food truck community.