Twisted art next to the sphinx

Sebastian and Majesty Wolf are two popular characters around town. Their exotic sphynx cats, Galaxy and Anura, are the perfect addition to the Key West family. Amy Stoner/Keys Weekly

“You’ve already uploaded your DNA,” said Sly.

Meet local artist Sebastian Wolf who has been hanging recently at Kava Culture Bar in Fleming

on the street, where some of his wearable—and collectible—art in metal and stone has been on display. The quirky artist and his wife Majesty’s constant companion are their two unusual cats: the striking blue-eyed Signers Galaxy and Anura. The way cats travel these days is a stroller parked in Cava on the day we sit down to talk about Woolf’s intricate and metaphysical pieces as they appear in jewelry and sculpture.

The blue-hued designer works primarily with woven wire, often encrusted with crystals and semi-precious stones. Recycled materials sourced from discarded silver wire and other metals add to the charm of the art.

“Every piece has a story, a history to it,” said Wolf, 42. “I play and listen to music while I create these beautiful creations.”

He said that Galaxy would “ascend to what’s called the suspended drum; it’s mesmerized by the sound.”

This week, Wolfe completed a project that’s now for sale, a graceful flamingo embedded with sustainably sourced uncut colored gemstones.

The Cat and Human family have recently arrived in Key West by way of Arizona, where Sebastian and Majesty have obtained several of their crystals and other stones. Actually, this is how the couple met.

“I went out to collect amethysts in the desert and there they were,” said Wolf. “It was fate or energy or providence, I really don’t know. We’ve been together for nine years now.”

Majesty (yes, the name is spelled with a G) has its own passion as a raw vegan enthusiast and cook. “I make vegan desserts and teach people how to use raw food.”

Speaking of raw diets, Galaxy and Anura follow the same rule in the family: Their only food intake is uncooked rabbit at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, on a recent visit to the Cava Bar, where Sebastian was showing off some of his jewelry, the two cats were screaming across the screen on the pram. “They’re really hungry now,” Majesty laughed.

But don’t worry, the wolves don’t chase the rabbits down the street to feed the feline.

“We order frozen rabbit meat online. They won’t eat anything else!”

The funky artist and his wife, though new to the island, seem to blend seamlessly with the eclectic diversity of the Key West art scene. Several times a week, Wolfe joins other purveyors showcasing some of their work at the outdoor Duval Street Market.

Getting off the island initially took some coaxing from friends and family.

“When we were in Arizona, everyone would tell me, ‘You have to go to Key West.'” “At first I was skeptical about moving to Florida. Now I see what they were talking about.”

Woolf’s attitude to life fits perfectly with his art.

“Trust your intuition,” he winked.