Treat your little dog with these 5 essentials

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Hitting the pup with your pup lets you get the zoom. But dogs require a little extra care in these environments: Without taking steps to keep them safe and comfortable in remote areas, a day of climbing can quickly turn into a vet visit. This essential list of rocky canine basics will prepare you and your canine companion for a day or a long weekend adventure.

Ruffwear Doubleback Climbing and Rappelling Harness ($125)

(Photo: Courtesy Rovoir)

Partial harness, and part safety device for unexpected landings, the Ruffwear Doubleback Climbing & Rappelling Harness allows you to take your dog into hard-to-reach places. This 420 denier ripstop nylon webbing has a 2,000 Ibf/8.9 kN strength rating—a must-have in a technical climbing environment. It is specifically designed to prevent pinching and chafing and contains additional padding to reduce friction during technical operations. With leg loops similar to those you’ll find on a human climbing harness, you can expect this excavator to keep your pet safe, even in tough situations.

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Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack ($75)

Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack
(Photo: Courtesy Mountainsmith)

Finding a comic backpack that is comfortable for your dog and has plenty of storage space is harder than it sounds. With a tapered stem, the K9 Dog Pack distributes the load evenly across a puppy’s spine, allowing them to stay comfortable even when they’re holding your climbing cams. Mesh panels and perforated EVA foam help protect the dog from overheating. The pockets in this pack feature a five-liter capacity, which means you can store jackets, snacks, and other essentials. The K9 withstands thorns and wear without a problem thanks to a blend of 420 and 630 denier polyurethane nylon – critical for off-track couplings. But our favorite feature is the weather-resistant interior coating, which allows you to pack things like climbing chalk and pet food without worrying about rain turning into a damp mess.


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Burt’s Bees Bow & Nose Lotion ($7 for 4 ounces).

Burt's Bees Paw & Nose Lotion
(Photo: Courtesy of Bert Bees)

It’s not uncommon for young puppies to end up with cracked or dry feet from the heat and steep terrain after a long ride. Furthermore, it can be difficult to successfully apply lotion to their paws because they have a tendency to lick them. Burt’s Paw & Nose Lotion is a lifesaver in this regard, with a film-like texture that resists licking. If [[your dog does]] They do I was able to remove the lotion, so you don’t have to worry about them getting sick, thanks to the list of 100 percent non-toxic ingredients that contain rosemary and olive oil.

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Nite Ize Spotlit Rechargeable Collar Light ($20)

Net Easy Spotlight Rechargeable Collar Light
(Photo: Courtesy of Nite Ize)

Tracking the puppies at the rock can be a challenge while you’re on the wall and the sun starts to dip. This rechargeable Nite lze Spotlit collar light makes it a lot easier. This compact, rechargeable flashlight has a runtime of up to 10 hours and can withstand rain, mud, and dings thanks to a stainless steel carabiner that clips easily to your dog’s collar. When it’s dead, it charges fully via USB in just 1.5 hours. Four different color options make it easy to distinguish your dogs as they roam through the bush, or have an impromptu light show powered by the pups.

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Atlas Pet Collar ($44) and Leash ($78)

Lifetime Atlas Pet Collar and Leash
(Photo: Atlas Courtesy of)

The boulders tend to be places where the fluffy clothes of pets die. Since they’re often full of slick brushes and thorny plants, it’s not uncommon to lose the elements completely. But the Atlas Pet Collar and Leash come with a lifetime repair or replacement warranty – perfect for the most active little ones. Both the collar and leash use a dry-treated climbing rope for a durable and stylish look that will be the envy of all other rock dog dogs (or more realistically, their owners).

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