TRASH SALAD announced by Rosa Garland at VAULT Festival

Rosa Faye Garland’s Trash Salad has been announced as part of VAULT Festival 2023 at The Flair Ground @ The Forge, January 31st – February 1st (8:30pm), February 28th – March 1st (6:45pm).

The ‘hilarious’ multidisciplinary performer Rosa Garland has rocked the comedy and cabaret scenes in the UK and Paris with her gorgeous new clown burlesque creation Trash Salad. This is her debut comedy lesson, which will run at the VAULT Festival after sold out shows at Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe and a transfer to Unity Theatre, Liverpool for the Dada International Festival.

Join Trash on her quest for connection: a genre-bending burlesque adventure of lip-synching, striptease and singing on a quest to understand intimacy. Some call it a clown opera; a sexual odyssey; a compost heap romance. Trash calls it a happy queer-femme love story in the form of a salad. Come and see the play that made audiences laugh, cry and almost piss.

Following her critically acclaimed performances with Poltergeist (**** “Best Shows of the Fringe” – The Guardian) and Alan and Ron (“A Clowning Masterclass” – The Thing from The Play), Rosa Faye Garland presents her first solo show : a dirty beautiful clown burlesque about the messy parts of queer sexual expression. Through a crazy hour of raw, absurdist comedy, the show asks the questions what does it mean to create a fulfilling queer sex life? Seeing yourself as a happy sexual being in a society that has both repelled and objectified you? How much fresh arugula can you hide in your pants?

Trash Salad shatters conventional notions of what’s sexy with the help of a banging playlist, nipple tassels and at least one appearance from a horny fish demon. She hopes you will find it hilarious, happy and tender.

Trash Salad was developed with the help of Arts Council England’s DYCP fund, with support from artsdepot, Clapham Omnibus and Pleasance Theater Trust. It premiered in March 2022 as part of Camden People’s Theater’s SPRINT Festival.

Rosa is a theater maker, clown, writer and musician, trained at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier. She likes things slimy, gooey and sexy. Trash Salad is her first solo show, debuting at the CPT Sprint Festival 2022.⁣ She is also part of Poltergeist, which won the 2019 Untapped Award from Underbelly and New Diorama Theatre, and is a Creative Associate at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford. Poltergeist was a budding New Diorama Theater graduate venture in 2018-19 and has put on two sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe (‘Lights Over Tesco Car Park’, Pleasance 2018, and ‘Art Heist’, Underbelly 2019). They were selected as one of the UK’s top five young theater companies by The Guardian and Art Heist was recommended by Lyn

Gardner on stage. Rosa is also half of the climate drag duo Alan and Ron, found at Tate Modern Lates, Camden People’s Theater and the VAULT Festival (recommended by Lyn Gardner).