Top Chef Season 14 – Episode 3: Elimination, Guests, Trials. Find out the summary

Street food, a snack to grab on the go, urban snacks, food trucks… whatever form it takes today, street food is everywhere. Including the kitchens of Top Chef Season 14! On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Carla and Sarika of the Blue Brigade face off against Alexander and Jeremy of the Orange Brigade as well as Leo and Victor of the Violet Brigade. Without forgetting Gaston, the candidate without a banner! their mission? He suggested revisiting street food tastings and qualifying for the following week. Eliminations, guests, events… Here’s a recap of Top Chef Season 14 Episode 3!

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Returning to the eliminated candidate in Top Chef Season 14, Episode 3

Gaston Safina, nominee without brigade of Top Chef 2023, finds the chefs in the middle of the show, during the elimination test on kebabs. Submit a Crispy onion version with ice cream salad Rather bold. But in the end, his kebab in the gourmet version does not stand out in the eyes of Chef Assaf Granit, who prefers Jeremy’s fish version. on the ballot paper with pictureGaston was finally eliminated from Top Chef Season 14 at the end of Episode 3.

  • In the program “La brigadehide” in the second part of the evening, Gaston faces Danny, the winner of the first duel the previous week. Danny takes the lead in his preparation of the dessert theme with a surprise inside: thus Gaston, who lacks cooking, is permanently eliminated from the competition.

Qualifying Event: Revolutionizing street food and impressing Guillaume Sanchez

Street Food Test by Guillaume Sanchez in Top Chef Season 14 Episode 3

Flashback: On Season 8 of Top Chef, Sanchez clouds The cooking competition featured plaques in the image of his rock and roll look. This year, he unveils his revisited pizza in the form of a transparent carton and invites candidates to present their version of street food in a gourmet version.

The award for the most invested team captain during the event goes to… Paul Pairet and Philippe Etchebest, tied ! Chief Pareh galvanizes his forces, who are too slow in his eyes.

For his part, Chef Echebest warmed his hands to roll out the ravioli dough…a lot, according to Chef Perret, who told him: “Mr. Etchebest, put that roll on me at once!”.

Finally, Glen Fell and Paul Perrier are forgiving and allow Chief Etchebest to lend a hand to his blue nominees. The latter admits: “If they win this test, I will owe you.” After all, creating them is one of the main recipes in Episode 3 of Top Chef.

“I’m going to campaign, vote Marchon!” The orange nominee already has a bit of a reputation with the Top Chef nominees…which doesn’t stop him from listening to his brigade chief’s advice regarding making beef bourguignon into a street food version paired with Jeremy. A friend also gently teases him: “Marchon towards victory!”

  • Street food event verdict 100%? Guillaume Sanchez found that Brigades’ orange and blue creations had no texture or spice. As a result, power Caesar travel Léo and Victor automatically qualify for the following week!

Elimination: Kebabs with a mouth-watering version of Assaf Granit

Assaf Granit and Mina Soundiram invited to Top Chef 2023

Impressing Chef Assaf Granit, a true ambassador of Levantine cuisine, is no easy feat. What is more than a creation he knows by heart, the kebab in the gourmet version. Gaston, the candidate without a brigade, so he confronts Sarika, Carla, Alexander and Jeremy.

The surprise of the evening at the event? Jeremy’s Mackerel Kebab: One of the types of kebab that revisits Tuitos … But Chef Assaf Granit is completely under the influence of the whole red fish kebab idea: it is “As a red tribute” He comments, before adding “I find your idea very cool and very original”.

Combine ice cream and kebabs? why not ! That, at least, is Gaston’s culinary project, which imagines a kebab in two servings. But Chef Assaf Granit suggests he serve it all together. The speech tip was followed by the nominee without a banner hoping to land color headlines at the end of Episode 3 of Top Chef Season 14.

  • Chef Assaf Granit and journalist Mina Saunderam’s opinions on Assaf Granit’s Top Chef Season 14 playoff? Here is the ranking of the qualified candidates, from best to worst in this test: Jeremy, Alexander, and Carla. Sarika and Gaston on concessions. After a blind tasting of their dish by Philippe Echebest, Sarika qualified. Gaston, the nominee without a banner, is finally eliminated at the end of the third episode of Top Chef’s fourteenth season.

Image credit: Julien THEUIL/M6