Tip Top Proper Cocktails announces the new classic cocktail in a 100ml can: The Jungle Bird


Atlanta, Georgia.— Tip Top Proper Cocktails is pleased to announce the debut of a brand new ready-to-eat 100ml canned cocktail: the Jungle Bird, available online for a limited time via the Tip Top website. Using four simple ingredients – rum, lime, pineapple and red bitters – with notes of tropical fruit, burnt sugar and refreshing acidity, Jungle Bird has a finish that’s as long as the sunset. With its signature, vibrant red color and eye-catching ornate surrounds (often using pineapple), the Jungle Bird became a tiki bar standard in the 1970s and is seen as a modern classic today. Perhaps less well-known than other tiki drinks, the Jungle Bird has long been a bartender favorite and is poised to become the new “it” cocktail for consumers in 2023.

Tip Top co-founder and CEO Yoni Reisman says, “I love a Jungle Bird and wanted to put one in a can to speak directly to the cocktail community. So far we’ve done mostly obvious classics, but this one shows that Tip Top is willing to go a little darker, not just the low-key fruit. We like to keep people excited and guessing.

Tip Top’s classic cocktail recipes in 100ml cans were developed by seven-time James Beard Award nominated mixologist Miles Macquarrie (of the Kimball House in Atlanta). Small but mighty, Tip Top has received national recognition for its always balanced and never too sweet collection of classic low-ball cocktails: the Stirred Line (Manhattan, Negroni, Old Fashioned and the Shaken Line (Bee’s Knees, Daiquiri, Margarita, Espresso Martini and now, the jungle bird).

“The Jungle Bird is one of those drinks that most mixologists love because it straddles the line between tropical-style drinks and the classic bitter aperitif. Those who know it, generally know it well,” says Tip Top recipe developer Miles Macquarrie.


An exotic throwback that will make any evening more playful, this if-you-know-you-know treasure rose to prominence in the early 1970s as a stylish Kuala Lumpur hotel welcome drink. The carefree vibes of rum punch are balanced by red bitters, a glamorous party-ready combination. The Tip Top Jungle Bird is an under-the-radar mixologist favorite, and now it’s yours to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

JUNGLE BIRD: Rum – Lime – Pineapple – Red Bitter | 25% ABV (50 proof)

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruit, burnt sugar, refreshing acidity, long finish

About Tip Top cocktails

Atlanta-based Tip Top Proper Cocktails was founded in 2018 by childhood friends and music industry veterans Neal Cohen and Yoni Reisman. After years of producing large-scale events and festivals in New York and around the country, the two found something was missing in the market: high-quality classic cocktails that could be enjoyed with comfort at a concert, dinner, tailgate or just at home. Enlisting the help of veteran Atlanta mixologist and seven-time James Beard Award nominee Miles Macquarrie (of Kimball House) to develop recipes, the team created eight classic low-ball cocktail recipes in 100ml cans: Manhattan, Negroni and Old Fashioned (Stirred) and Margarita, Daiquiri, Bee’s Knees, Espresso Martini and Jungle Bird (Shaken).

Tip Top Proper cocktails are available in retail and package stores, restaurants and bars in Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas. Delta passengers can also enjoy Tip Top Old Fashioned and Espresso Martini onboard Delta flights. Products are also available in packs of 8 for shipment to 41 states nationwide via online shopping.

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