TikTok’s Viral Video About Skipping a First Date Because the Guy Wouldn’t Pay $3 for Cheese Maybe It Was Just a Joke

Last week, TikToker @dafna_diamant shared a video of her allegedly leaving her first date, which didn’t go well. “why am I doing this to myself?” she says, detailing the story of another terrible date she experienced in New York City. She tells the story of meeting a guy she met on a dating app, and things were going well. “She looks great,” she says. “things are going well.” When the waitress comes to take their order, Daphna orders a branzino, and the boy orders a burger. When asked if he wanted cheese on the burger, he asked if it was an extra cost. The waitress answered and said it was $3 extra. He declined and expressed his regret about the fact that you have to pay extra for everything these days. Daphna ate some of her food when she came out, then got up and went to the bathroom. She went to the waiter to pay the bill and texted the guy, “The check has been taken care of. You should have received the cheese.”

TikToker’s Viral Video About Skipping a First Date Because the Guy Wouldn’t Pay $3 for Cheese Was Maybe Just a Joke

The story went viral and hundreds of people talked about it on social media. Many described him as crazy, rude and entitled. The comments on her TikTok criticized her and expressed disbelief that she would just walk away in the middle of a date like that. Someone wrote, “Enough. That guy was lucky! He was close.” Another person commented, “That’s a terrible way to treat someone.” “He really thought it was the right thing to do,” someone said. Others praised the man and called him “financially literate”.

The more viral the story became, the more Dafna was talking about it on her TikTok. Shortly after, she posted a video titled, “Unruly response to comments.” She didn’t appreciate the way people were attacking her looks, calling her ugly, and telling her to be alone. “I’m laughing about it. Boy is laughing about it,” she said. She also shared that she herself is “broke” and is struggling to pay the bills as she is an unpaid intern.

She posted another video informing her followers that the boy is not on TikTok or any other social media platform. And that’s when people began to doubt his story. “No social media but he’s using dating apps?” someone commented. Someone wrote, ‘You keep changing the narrative.’ “It would be more amusing if you kept the story straight. Two videos ago he apparently knew about it and was laughing with you?” someone commented.

An NBC news article questioned whether Dafna’s story was actually true, and she posted a TikTok in the background of the audio with the headline, “You know what it was never? It was serious. It was never as serious as it was.” Wasn’t serious. Quite frankly, it would be.” Never be so serious.”

But when things couldn’t get more confusing, TikToker Zakir (@zockr) posted a stitch on this TikTok and laughed saying, “Daphna darling. You are so funny. You crazy girl.” He said that people are asking if he is going to go on a second date with Dafna. But then he said that he would never consider going on a date with Dafna, leading many to wonder if they ever actually went on a date.

Zakir had earlier posted a screenshot on TikTok that revealed a conversation with Dafna, where he allegedly asked her to respond to his DM request. In the background, he is eating a piece of paneer. All the comments are in support of Zakir and tell him that he has nailed it, though some comments are still raising questions whether their conversation is genuine or they are just joking for clicks and views.

The story may not be true, but AV Magazine has reached out to Dafna and Zakir for comment. Meanwhile, Dafna has been posting content about “being hated online”, resulting in many comments and questions about the veracity of her story.