TikToker claims they live on just $1 a day in viral budget videos

Virginia Glazepublished: 2022-09-22T19:05:08

Updated: 2022-09-22T19:05:31

A TikToker is going viral for living on an extreme budget and in her popular videos she shows how to make three meals for just $1 a day.

TikTok is a hive for all types of viral content. Whether you like beauty hacks, tasty recipes or even extreme challenges, the popular social platform has something for everyone.


That said, some of the more unique videos uploaded to the site are about living on a hard budget; Take TikToker Axel Webber, who built a huge fan base in just a few weeks for showing how he lived on an extreme budget in New York City.

Another TikToker is rising in the ranks in this particular spirit, and she’s going for “every penny” because, for her content, every penny counts indeed.

The 26-year-old creator (real name Kathryn) shows her viewers how to save money on a shoestring budget on necessities like food, bills, and more.

For starters, Kathryn, who hails from Manchester, UK, wanted to see if she could survive a day on just £1 (about $1.13 for her US viewers).


While she’s run versions of this particular experiment at UK-based chains like Tescoe’s, she’s also done her shopping at Aldi, a popular supermarket chain that’s also local to the United States.

“With the current cost of living crisis and inflation constantly rising, many people have to cut spending to make ends meet,” Kathryn said in a statement to NeedtoKnowOnline. “For many people, it doesn’t matter how much they budget; the real problem is that the average cost of living is constantly rising, but salaries are not at the same rate.

Kathryn’s $1 a day challenge saw her try to make an entire day’s worth of meals for just $1. To start, she ate a breakfast of canned peaches (34p/38 cents), chicken soup for lunch (24p/27 cents) , and dinner of a baked potato (19p / 21 cents) and spaghetti hoops (16p / 18 cents).

She says it was “extremely difficult to make meals on such a small budget, and I had to eat the same thing every day, which got incredibly boring.”

“I don’t eat enough. I’m not getting any nutritional value,” she added in one of her videos.

While Kathryn’s eye-opening content may be helpful, some commentators point to the “sad” reality of having to live on such an extreme budget in exchange for a lack of nutrition.

Kathryn’s viral budgeting videos follow a new budget boom on TikTok, where users claimed to save thousands by “cash stuffing.”