TikTok shows a chef at Outback Steakhouse making multiple steaks at once

Clara Wang |
Clara Wang

A cook at the Outback Steakhouse went public on Tuesday to grill several steaks at once on a questionable clean grill, sparking a debate over slick restaurant kitchens and underemployment.

TikToker is a chef in the casual restaurant chain. The behind-the-scenes TikTok for a kitchen that grills about 20 steaks at the same time posted yesterday garnered more than 53,200 views and 466 likes before it was deleted this morning.

The 14-second video, “Getting Roaring Monday,” was captioned slowly over a batch of steaks being pressed onto a dirty grill dripping with oil. Everything from the grill on top of itself to the pistons used to char the top of the steaks seem drenched in a layer of burnt black grease.

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-style franchise that specializes in affordable steaks in a casual environment. With locations in more than 23 countries, customers can sit down to a sirloin steak for $13.29.

While the chef was apparently just trying to share his daily grind, several commenters immediately pointed out how dirty the grill was.


“I heard if you saw what the kitchen looked like in restaurants you wouldn’t eat. 😳😳,” @dothisMOMthing365 said.