Three fast food chains top the list as most popular in MA

Massachusetts is full of excellent restaurant options all over the state. Be it Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Cape Cod, Berkshire County and everything in between, you’ll find excellent seafood, tasty Italian dishes, delicious Chinese dishes and the list goes on.

Depending on the day, some Massachusetts residents don’t have time for a meal at a restaurant

As exciting as it is to enter a restaurant and have a sit-down meal, depending on the day and schedule, there may just not be enough time. Many Massachusetts residents lead fast-paced lifestyles, which means they are frequently on the go. Between work, school, taking the kids to after-school activities, chores around the house, and oh yeah, trying to find somewhere to sleep, you may not be able to make it to a restaurant for a sit-down meal.

With Massachusetts residents on the go, you may only have a few minutes to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is where fast food restaurants come into the picture. There are times when you just need to grab something quickly, cover it, and move on to the next task.

With all this in mind, a recent survey was conducted by gamble. com and using Google Trends, the research was able to discover the most popular fast food chains in Massachusetts. Here we have highlighted the top three. It probably won’t surprise you which chain topped the list, but here we go.

The three most popular fast food chains in Massachusetts

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the most popular fast food chains in Massachusetts are, we’ve got that list for you.

The original study included 20 fast food chains, and we’ve included the remaining 17 below.

  • #4 Chipotle (total interest score 29)
  • #5 Taco Bell (OIS 27)
  • #6 McDonald’s (OIS 26)
  • #7 Subway (OIS 25)
  • #8 Burger King (OIS 23)
  • #9 Chick-Fil-A (OIS 20)
  • #10 KFC (OIS 17)
  • #11 Popeyes (OIS 14)
  • #12 Wendy’s (OIS 13)
  • #13 Three sided tie: Pizza Hut/Dairy Queen/Five Guys (All had an OIS of 11)
  • #16 Two-sided tie: Panda Express/Little Caesars (Both had an OIS of 8)
  • #18 Two-sided tie: Papa John’s/Wingstop (Both had an OIS of 7)
  • #20 Sonic Drive-In (OIS 6)

Do you agree with this list? Is your favorite also in this list? What would your list look like compared to this one? You can get more information about this study by going here.

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