This sweet and savory breakfast is easy to make and tastes even better

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Whether you were a child of the 90s or the parent of one, you’ve probably heard the term “Filthy.” If you’re not familiar, Uncrustables are individually wrapped, frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches launched by Smuckers in the mid-90s. Even though they’ve been around for over two decades, Uncrustables are still one of my regular purse staples.

While they may not sound appealing to some, the Not a Cross award will always stand out to me. I throw it in my bag, thaw it, and half an hour later I have a very satisfying snack. always fits into place.


While the classic PB&J version is almost always the way to go, I often crave a more savory version of these mini sandwiches. So, when I saw Chef D’s Sausage, Eggs, and Cheese on French Toast without the Crisps, I just… knew this dream was about to come true.

How to make french toast without sausage, eggs and cheese

Even though Chef D’s creation isn’t exactly a roadside snack, I’m still excited. To start creating your masterpiece, first cook the sausage and eggs. Then put them between soft bread with two slices of cheese. Using a glass, cut out a circle where all the ingredients in the sandwich fit into the cut. Remove the remaining bread and you should have a sealed layer that makes it easier to dip the sandwich into the French toast batter.

For the batter, Chef D uses French vanilla flavored Coffee-Mate creamer, nutmeg, vanilla, eggs and sugar. Dip the sandwich in the mixture before frying on each side in the cinnamon-sugar butter. Chef D tosses it one more time in the cinnamon sugar before serving, but that part is optional. Either way, the result is a sweet and savory breakfast sandwich that can be a masterpiece.

One thing to note when making this is that while Chef D shows you how to make the sandwich on Instagram, he doesn’t provide a recipe with measurements. The full recipe and instructions are available for purchase on her website, but I worked my way through the measurements and steps using intuition. If your cooking skills are below average, I recommend buying the recipe.

My honest review of Sausages, Eggs and Crispy Cheese on French Toast

Let’s start with whether it was tasty or not. My answer is that you are very ignorant! I tasted the final product and found it to be sweet, but not too sweet to the point of being inedible. It was absolutely delicious and the buttery cinnamon and sugary bread was absolute heaven. I wish I made more!

As far as technique goes, I had some trouble covering the bread. At first I thought maybe the filling was layered too high, so I took some of the egg and pressed it down a bit. After I finished a loaf of bread, I decided to give up on the Uncrustable and make the best of it and continue with an uncovered sandwich. It turned out very tasty.

So would I do it again? I certainly would, but the method should be removed. Maybe a sandwich sealer can help. All in all, with a little refinement, I think it’s totally worth it.

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