This restaurant serves the best fast food burgers in America

Find out which fast food joint reigns supreme across America and what makes the best fast food burger so special

Everyone knows that Americans love beef. But while steakhouses abound across the United States, there are other countries that love steak just as much, if not more. When it comes to burgers, nobody does it better than us. “American hamburger.” The hamburger is a piece of America, says David “Rev” Ciancio, hospitality marketing professional, burger expert and co-founder of Handcraft Burgers and Brews in New York. “It is decadent, has eye appeal, is versatile and tastes delicious.” In fact, the only thing more American than an excellent burger may be the best fast food burger in the country.

“Hamburgers became part of our culture because of fast food, not because of fine dining or local diner,” Ciancio says. “You can eat it on the go, or you can sit down and eat it. The food is delicious, easy to come by and, more often than not, conveniently located and affordable.”

People have strong opinions about their fast food—ask a group of hungry diners for ideas on the best burger, best fast food fries, or America’s favorite pizza chain, and you’re sure to get a whole host of answers. So we decided to get to the bottom of America’s favorite fast food restaurant. Keep reading to find out which reigns supreme as the best fast food burger in the country, as well as others who rule all over the USA.

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Collect the best fast food burgers

To determine the best fast food burger, we turned to fast-service restaurant giant Market Force’s 2022 survey. It surveyed more than 5,000 US consumers about their experiences and preferences when it came to the best burger chains, taking into account factors such as repeat business, convenience, satisfaction, and customer service. And the occurrence of the problem, and the reliability, and the quality of the food, and the menu choices, and the speed of service, and the accuracy of the order. , curb appeal, atmosphere, value for money, staff friendliness, cleanliness, and healthy food options. (Yes, that’s a lot of factors. Market power means business.)

Another good reason to consider the many factors: it helps cut emotional ties and brings out the true quality of food. “We grew up eating these things many times, and we have nostalgic memories associated with going out to eat with our friends or parents,” says Ciancio. “And I think as Americans, as a society, we’re so used to taking sides.”

In fact, people may have a particularly strong opinion about a Wendy’s baked potato, McDonald’s Sprite or other menu item separate from their burger influencing their choices. Or maybe they haven’t lived in the US their entire lives and are more familiar with European fast food chains. The Market Force survey took all of these loyalties and potential affiliations into account, along with many other considerations, to determine the best fast food burger in America.

The best fast food burger in America

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Drumroll, please…

According to the survey, In-N-Out Burger has the best fast food burger in America. The West Coast-based burger chain led the survey in nearly every category, including overall satisfaction, customer loyalty index, trust, value for money, food quality, staff friendliness, cleanliness, ordering accuracy, problem-free experience, and curb appeal. Atmosphere and healthy food options.

“I think people love In-N-Out burgers for many reasons. First, they’ve been around forever and have stood the test of time. Then they’re convenient, with two lanes in each location,” says Ciancio. “It’s relatively inexpensive, and the menu is small! You know what you’re getting; It’s easy to make a decision. Plus, it’s fresh, it’s delicious, and I think over time, they’ve just built a cult following around that.”

While In-N-Out didn’t invent the hamburger, it certainly perfected how to serve a burger—and fast.

Top 10 fast food burgers

Here are the burger chains that complete the top 10, based on the survey’s Customer Loyalty Index, a measure that combines customer satisfaction with the likelihood that customers will recommend a burger.

  1. In-N-Out Burger
  2. culver
  3. Five guys
  4. whataburger
  5. Carl Jr/Hardee’s
  6. My voice
  7. Wendy
  8. Burger King
  9. Jack in the box
  10. Checker / Raleigh

Despite the recent launch of an adult Happy Meal, McDonald’s didn’t make the cut, ranking 11th.

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