This new ad campaign for Gorton’s Seafood is a progressive move in a very heteronormative industry

Gorton’s Seafood has a new ad campaign featuring sexy men instead of sexy women. Did you ever think you’d see sexy hunks looking like Adonis – dressed as mermaids – in a commercial for frozen fish? Neither do we. But we’re totally here for the Gorton’s Seafood ad campaign, and here’s why.

In a clip from the Gorton’s Seafood ad campaign, a father Poseidon tells us that with Gorton’s “this temple can stay perfect and ready for… anything.”

Another clip, with over 200,000 views, “Meet the Mer-Bros. These two take their meal plan seriously, so they count on Gorton’s Fisherman for real, easy protein to whip up on those double-session days. See why Gorton’s the only seafood trusted by those who know it.’

“What good is this? [Gorton’s Seafood ad campaign] is that it leaves the consumer with more questions than answers, which leads to so many opportunities for future content,” Alyssa Toro, chief creative officer at Connelly Partners, told MediaPost.

The outlet also reports:

Shot at White Point Beach in San Pedro, California and directed by Hungry Man’s Conor Byrne, the campaign is designed to be visually stimulating, quirky and ironic. Legacy Effects, the shop behind costumes for Marvel’s film franchise, created the costumes for the characters at sea, complimenting the same Fisherman clothing featured in last year’s campaign.

Sure, it’s nice to see sexy men on the beach, but what’s really happening is a progressive movement in which the advertising industry is very heteronormative. It’s a major Gorton brand, and its depictions of sexualized men are not only homoerotic, but pioneering.

Although not as common as Gorton’s, the gay-oriented lubricant brand Boy Butter has also pioneered the portrayal of sexualized men in advertisements. Boy Butter’s ad, which has gone viral RuPaul’s Drag Race VH1 features an apron-clad gay man stirring butter provocatively.

Boy Butter’s Eyal Feldman has cited advertising by major companies such as Carl’s Jr and provocative ads featuring sexualized women as socially acceptable. But when you replace the woman with a gay man, she is often considered inappropriate or socially demeaned.

“It’s fine for a sexy, wet woman to be suggestive and show a lot of skin, but if you replace that woman with a gay man, it’s a different story,” he wrote on his blog after having trouble landing his commercial spot. It aired in season 9 Drag Race.

But Gorton’s Seafood ad campaign using the sexy merman is bold and progressive in the right way. We’re not normally big fans of fish…but this time we’ll dive into this company and give it a shot the next time we’re in our local frozen food section.

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