This Jewish vegan deli brings meatless Reuben to Seattle

Portland, Oregon-based Jewish vegan deli Ben & Esther’s is expanding to Seattle, Washington in September. The deli offers vegan versions of traditional Jewish deli items, including fresh bagels drizzled with flavored cream cheese. We had the deli salad by the pound. noodle kugel; matzo ball soup; and sandwiches such as Rubens, turkey bacon club, lox bagels, and tuna melts.

Ben & Esther’s already has two locations in Portland and one in San Diego, CA. In addition to the new Seattle location in September, the deli will also open in Oceanside, California this summer. Ben & Esther owner Justin King also wants to eventually expand to the East Coast.

When King first opened Ben & Esther’s, named after his grandparents, in 2019, it was designed to be a traditional Jewish bagel shop that the vegan King thought made sense for the business. rice field. However, he soon found himself struggling to sell food products made with animal products.

After running the traditional deli for a year, King slowly began removing meat from the menu. I replaced the whitefish with lox, replaced the whitefish with salted and smoked hearts of palm, and used earth balance instead of butter to make rougrach and babka. Last fall, it became a vegan restaurant.


Ben & Esthers

By expanding its current mini chain, King wants to make Jewish vegan deli food accessible to everyone. King says Seattle seemed like a natural next step in his expansion plans. “Seattle has a natural similarity because it’s closer to Portland and has a similar vibe,” King told VegNews. “Seattle has a great vegan scene, and Ben & Esther’s has a lot of support. Our goal is to have locations in every major U.S. city.”

Make Jewish vegan food more accessible

Jewish vegan delis are almost non-existent across the country. In Chicago, Gina Marino-Kalish and Andy Kalish opened her Sam & Gertie’s next door to her popular vegan diner Kāl’ish in early 2020. Named after Kalish’s maternal grandparents, the deli offers traditional Jewish delicacies such as smoked salmon, bagels, baked goods, knives, lattes, egg and tuna salad, and hot sandwiches stuffed with brisket and schmaltz. Tessen offers his version of plant-based.

In Los Angeles, Jewish vegan deli Mort & Betty’s launched as a monthly pop-up and catering service in 2018. Created by Megan Tucker, the pop-up offers an Israeli- and Mediterranean-inspired menu, featuring her vegan versions of traditional Jewish dishes such as; Holiday favorites such as Mushroom Pastrami Sandwich, Carrot Rocks Bagel, White Carrot Whitefish Salad, Potato Ratke, Challah, and Ruggelach.

“As a chef, what makes Jewish food so interesting is how we’ve taken in flavors from other cuisines as we’ve transitioned,” Tucker previously told VegNews. Two dishes to celebrate are Kombeets’ Reuben Tacos and Matzo Ramen, in which the classic matzo ball soup and Japanese ramen ingredients are combined to create a new dish.


Unreal Deli

Vegan deli meat takes over menu

Vegan deli meat company Unreal Deli doesn’t follow the traditional deli shop route, but owner Jenny Goldberg has Jewish roots. Jenny Goldberg started the company with the mission to create her vegan version of the classic New York-style deli meats she grew up with. The Goldfarb brand, the great-granddaughter of a New York delicatessen owner, now offers vegan deli meats in his three styles: corned beef, roast he turkey, and his slice of steak.

Since receiving $250,000 in funding from Mark Cuban for a 2019 episode of the reality investing show shark tank, Unreal Deli products are rapidly expanding to retailers and restaurants nationwide. The company is best known for his vegan corned beef, which was launched at 58 Whole Foods His markets in the South Pacific region, as one of his first major partnerships for the brand. Last month, Unreal Deli entered the big box store channel when he launched his 1.5-pound combo pack of three deli meats at his 40 Costco stores.

Unreal Deli corned beef is also featured on restaurant menus. In 2020, following the launch at his Veggie Grill stores nationwide, the fast food chain Quiznos debuted at his 16 locations in Seattle. Last year, Unreal Deli introduced the Reuben Burger to its plant-based burger chain, Next Level Burger, and partnered with delivery-only virtual brand Accelerate to offer this kind of vegan food in his six major cities across the country with his sub-delivery chain. It was started. Goldfarb is currently working on further expansion into the foodservice industry with the goal of rolling out Unreal Deli stores nationwide.

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