These restaurants offer the best spicy chicken sandwiches in & Aro

When it comes to making the spiciest chicken sandwiches around, these local restaurants kick it up a notch!

Photo by Haseeb Jamil on Unsplash

Photo by Haseeb Jamil on Unsplash

Agenda? There aren’t any.

Addictions? Probably. But since these chicken lovers stand to gain a little more than the glory of voicing their spicy opinions on a local Facebook food forum, we’re cool with that.

The next time you’re craving chicken that’s hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell, take Boise Food Finds’ advice!

These are the best spicy chicken sandwiches in and around Boise

…According to Boise Food Finds Facebook



The Nashville hot chicken sandwich at Yardhouse is the best if you want spicy. [It’s] so thick and so fragrant.-Kimberly

Off The Grid-L (Food Truck)

It’s a food truck, but [it’s] truly the best chicken “samich” ever.—Tiffany

Sid’s Garage +5 likes

Crave Kitchen & Bar

The best chicken sandwich in Boise, even if it’s not spicy, is at Crave Kitchen & Bar.—Jeremy

They can make it spicy if anyone wants…as they keep things fresh.—Christine

Tupelo Honey +3 likes

State Street Kitchen & Drinkery

I can’t stress this enough…State Street Kitchen & Drinkery.—Kelsey

Rudy’s Pub & Grill

Rudy’s in Meridian!—Jessica

jessica, [I] secondly this. The chicken wing sandwich is amazing.—Dennis

Jacksons Grocery Stores and Chevron Gas Station in Nampa

Don’t judge a spicy chicken sandwich by its gas station cover. This is one of the best fucking chickens in the Valley. I told the wife it was from a fancy restaurant downtown. I didn’t tell her it was from the gas station until she ate it. The added bonus is that we now have a cheap but great house date night meal.—The Chicken Connoisseur

Bittercreek Alehouse

The Cayenne Crispy Chicken at Bittercreek is always at its best.—Jose

The bank cafe

It’s a drive, but the chicken sammy at Banks Cafe is fantastic.—Mike


I love the one in Eureka! I LOVE this sandwich. The straw on it is excellent. Upgrade to get fries on the side.—Chelsie

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