These are the fast foods that contain the highest number of calories

Statistics show that one in seven people consume fast food every day. It’s no secret that many fast foods pack carbs, fat, and calories, but what about the stars? What about the most unique, biggest and most pernicious things on fast food menus, the fast food items with the most calories?

The calories in your big happy meal from McDonald’s can be a lot more than you think. Here is a list of eight fast food items that everyone consumes, but not everyone is aware of the high calories it contains.

8. Soft drink and soda


Drinking soda or soft drinks is one of the most important sources that can contribute to weight gain. It contains a lot of sugar and calories, and those who consume it daily can harm their health. Too much sugar on a daily basis is not good, and as a solution, one should opt for the sugar-free versions of his or her favorite beverage. One cup of soda and soda contains at least 150 calories.

7. French fries and potato chips


French fries are the most popular snack and side dish ever. The same goes for potato chips. It’s your best friend when you want to pass your time or eat slow while watching your favorite show on Netflix. But have you ever wondered how many calories these items contain? For French fries it is 312 calories, and for potato chips it is 250 calories.


6. Pastries and sweets


For every sweet lover, saying no to sweets, especially pastries, is a crime. This delicious stuff is made with lots of butter and oil, and needless to say, it has a lot of calories inside. Each pastry inside contains at least 551 calories. So, if you’re a fitness buff, consider that last slice of truffle pastry.

5. Shumin


Every now and then, a foodie craves some Chinese. While Chowmein is everyone’s favorite fast food item, it also contains an insane amount of calories. Chowmein is believed to contain around 459 calories.

4. Momos

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If you are a Delhite then there is no doubt that momo is not a fast food item but a feeling for you. While steamed momos may give us a sense that they are not unhealthy or contain fat and calories as fried momos do, you will be shocked to find out that even one bowl of steamed momo has calories around 175-280 calories.

3. Burgers


With plenty of veggies, cheese, and your favorite pie, even your favorite burger has a massive amount of calories inside. Be it Burger King or McDonald’s; Each medium burger contains at least 300 calories.

2. Samosa

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Almost every Indian evening is filled with a cup of tea and a big samosa. While your favorite samosas contain delicious spicy mashed potatoes, you should know that this isn’t the only thing they’re full of. It also contains about 250-300 calories.

1. Pizza

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Pizza is the most popular item that no one is likely to hate. But you should know that your favorite large surroundings contain at least 300 calories. So should you have another chip? Think for yourself!

If you are striving to gain weight, regular consumption of these items may be good for you, but other than that, one should always check their consumption of junk food items. After all, eating healthy while occasionally enjoying junk food is the best option ever!

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