These Are Costco’s Most Popular Items Right Now—Eat This, Not That


It’s always an adventure when you set foot in Costco because you never know exactly what you’ll find. Sure, popular staples will (almost) always be there, but the way Costco turns inventory in and out creates pleasant surprises. And although each warehouse is a little different from the next, you’ll find plenty of hidden treasures no matter which one you visit.

What we love about Costco members is how dedicated they are to the store and sharing their favorite with other devotees. You can always find chatter on social media about what they’re shopping for right now and what everyone should be buying in between holidays, shortages, price hikes and more. And it makes it easier than ever to prepare your shopping list before you even set foot in the store! Without further ado, we interviewed Costco’s fans to find out what they’re buying right now, and here’s what we found.

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The alcohol section at Costco’s warehouses is a favorite of many members for a variety of wine, liquor, and more. Some iconic brands are available, but some of the most popular varieties come with a Kirkland label, including the beloved Kirkland Signature ready-to-drink Golden Margarita Mix.


She was spotted by the @costcobuys Instagram account in late June, just after the official start of summer. And judging by the comments, it sells quickly thanks to its taste and price.

“Will I be prosecuted if I leave with a pallet of these?” one member asked.

The bottles come with 1.5 liters of margarita mix (including tequila) and cost $8.99.

Motor City Pizza Co.  Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza
Courtesy of Motor City Pizza Co.

This frozen pizza has been in many members’ baskets for a while. It’s been called “the best frozen pizza on the market” and “half the reason I go to Costco” by some, and it comes in two Double Pepperoni or Ultimate Meat packages.

Many Costco items come and go, but this one is available now, as one member noted in a post on Reddit in late June. They say it’s $10 and it was enough for about 25 minutes of cooking in the oven and they were very impressed.

This isn’t a fan favorite frozen item in Costco’s huge freezer aisles. These 5 Costco Frozen Items Are Selling Fast Right Now.

Costco deli

The Costco deli selection includes many ready-to-eat and bake options like chicken wings, mac and cheese, and more. Its newest offering, however, is for a member to speak their “needs”.

An Instagram post by @costcohotfinds in late June explains that the Chicken and Croutons Garden Salad contains a chopped salad mix, sliced ​​mini peppers, caesar vinaigrette, chicken breast strips, fresh grape tomatoes, and grated Parmesan cheese.

The salad costs $5.99 and weighs about 1.5 pounds. More than 10,000 people “liked” the post and @costcohotfinds admitted their admiration along with others in the comments. “Looks delicious!” she said, and another asked Costco where this popular offer was during the school year.

Costco Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels
Courtesy of Amazon

The rich strawberry flavor on these crunchy snacks provides a delightfully sweet and savory treat that members have been gorging on for a while. Currently a popular option spotted by Instagram account @costco.hotbuys.

Bagels are baked and then dipped in strawberry-flavored yogurt, which takes them up a notch from your standard yogurt-dipped or chocolate-dipped pretzel. These would be delicious with a bowl of fruit for an afternoon snack.

meli's original monster gluten free mini cookies
Courtesy of Meli

According to @costco_doesitagain on Instagram, Meli’s Monster Cookies cookie mix is ​​now available at Costco, and members say gluten-free snacking just got a little easier and a whole lot better.

The cookies are made with gluten-free oatmeal and contain plenty of plant-based protein. These are a great option if you’re sensitive to gluten but still want to have a cookie or two (or three or four!) after dinner.

mixed nuts

Costco shoppers on Reddit are raving about this popular chili and lemon snack mix with flavored nuts and corn. A little spicy and very tasty – the kind of snack you can’t put down for sure.

That’s totally okay because it’s packed with protein and has no artificial flavors or colors, so snack on it!

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