These 5-Minute Indian Cooking Changes the Game of a Weeknight

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Although I had the privilege of enjoying my mother’s home cooking growing up, her cooking skills were not fully transferred to me. Let’s face it, everyone is busy, and sometimes preparing meals can be particularly grueling. But despite the hurdles of cooking, there are days when I crave something comfortable and relaxing, and neither Uber Eats nor Seamless can meet those hunger pangs fast enough. There’s actually a perfect middle ground: I’m surprised to report that I’ve found a ready-made product that really tastes like home.

I grew up eating Indian food. No, that doesn’t mean my diet consisted of samosas and naan (though these items were seen at almost all wedding receptions). Like all cuisines, Indian food also varies according to the geographical region it comes from. As someone from the state of Gujarat located in the western part of the subcontinent, I have experienced mostly vegetarian food consisting of different curries, rice and roti. In other parts of the country such as Punjab, other leavened breads, lentil preparations and seasonal vegetables make up their signature dishes.

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When I discovered The Cumin Club, I thought I was eating the food my own mother made. Even better, food is technically Mine labor – that is, throwing the contents of the package into boiling water. At an affordable price point, these packs are becoming my pantry stocker, especially since I don’t want to pay $20 for a paneer tikka masala entree. As a bonus, the products show how a plant-based lifestyle could emerge in the Western world, especially as we move towards a meat-free future.

What is the Cumin Club?

Cumin Club co-founder Ragoth Bala explains Takeaway that the company was born from a desire to eat healthy, plant-based meals that can fit into her busy schedule that includes balancing career and MBA courses. The company worked with a research and development center in India to perfect more than 30 popular Indian recipes, including South Indian dishes such as idli sambar., street food like pav bhaji and even crispy appetizers like papad.

The contents of the packages go through dry roasting and freeze drying processes, removing moisture from the dishes to extend their shelf life without the aid of artificial or natural preservatives.

“Sun-drying food is a common preservation technique that dates back to our ancestors, and that was the inspiration behind our processes,” Bala said. Takeaway. “The recipes we chose cover ‘Indian Cuisine’. Their food habits are as diverse as the population and offer a wealth of recipes to enjoy, and currently our menu features favorites from 6 different regions of India (Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Punjab and Gujarat).

Bala notes that Cumin Club chefs are constantly looking for regional Indian dishes across the country that can be packaged without preservatives and easily translated into a five-minute prep format.

Why are Cumin Club meals worth it?

The 5-minute meal sets are game-changing as both the ingredients and the instructions are clearly listed on the packaging. Most recipes call for boiling water on the stove and then adding it to the package contents, but some dishes can be cooked in the microwave; they are especially popular with students and working parents looking for more comfort. There is also a growing interest in the product among non-South Asian consumers, especially flexitarians who want to enjoy a nutritious plant-based meal and international cuisine.

If you order 20 dishes, the unit cost per pack is $4.99; this is a price point that aims to make meals accessible to consumers considering a plant-based asset. The Cumin Club can be considered part of this transition; This is a way of sticking to a meatless diet without getting overwhelmed with the daily meal preparation often associated with this lifestyle. A five-course package costs $7.49 per meal and $5.99 per 10-course meal—still cheaper than a delivery order, and shipping is free. (Since meals come dehydrated, they don’t require ice or gel packs for delivery, which is a nice bonus for anyone concerned about packaging waste.)

Some popular options are paneer butter masala, dal makhani, and palak paneer. Desserts are also available; You can see all the options in the Cumin Club app. Next up I order rava kichadi.

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