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The TASCAM 12 and DR-40X keep Spencer Lear’s creative juices flowing

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For most musicians, flexibility is the key to working steadily. Such is the case for Spencer Lere, whose activities run the gamut from stage musician to recording engineer to technician and more. Being able to handle these various tasks requires both musical and technical proficiency, and on the technical side of things, Lere relies on the TASCAM Model 12 Integrated Production Suite and DR-40X 4-track recorder to keep the creative juices flowing.

As a professional musician, Lere works with many artists as a drummer for studio, live projects, and touring. Some of these bands include pop rock artists Bleached which includes sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, formerly of Mika Miko, Low Hum, Dengue Fever, Pablo Dylan and Haunted Summer, among others. In addition to his drumming/performance work, Lere is also the drum tech for punk rock act The Linda Lindas. When he’s not performing or working as a drum tech, he’s designing music for many of these same artists. No matter the musical endeavor, the TASCAM Model 12 and DR-40X are constantly part of the musical equation.

“The Model 12 is currently set up in my lock-up studio (the shared rehearsal space) and is ready for just about anything, including producing, writing, and rehearsing,” Leary explained. “Using all 12 model inputs and high quality mic preamps and equalizer, I find they are very useful for capturing a high quality drum sound, percussion, synths, or whatever else I want for my clients that I want to record while writing and before a production session. When I practice with bands There, we use the Model 12 for everything, including playing songs we’re working on as well as a host of other podcasts.”

When asked about some of the key features of the Model 12 that he found most useful to his way of working, Leary offered the following thoughts, “I should start by saying I’ve owned the Model 12 since March of this year, and in the course of my work I’ve learned a lot about it. This piece is deep, so it’s still There’s more to learn. For starters, the unit’s Ultra HDDA (High-Definition Intermittent Architecture) amplifiers are great. They sound great, are very transparent, and provide plenty of room that enables them to work well with all types of microphones, including ribbons.”

“The Model 12’s I/O architecture is extremely versatile and makes it a great choice for everything from multitrack recording to interaction with all kinds of other equipment, including digital audio workstations,” Leary added. The mixer’s selectable PFL/AFL and Single Mode (SIP) modes allow for flexible monitoring of individual channels – eliminating the need to mute every single channel when connected in the mix. Furthermore, the availability of compression on each channel is great, as it can It acts as the glue that helps keep everything together. To sum it all up, the Model 12 has excellent build quality, packs plenty of punch, and is remarkably portable for all it has to offer.”

In addition to his Model 12, Lere has also become a huge fan of the TASCAM DR-40X 4-track portable recorder. “The DR-40X is my musician friend and it’s rad,” he enthused. “I use it during rehearsals with new bands outside of my studio to keep myself steady and learn new material. I also take it to singer/artist meetings to pick up song ideas for their projects I produce. I use it when I’m teaching lessons and to capture student progress. While traveling – especially to places I haven’t been Before – I also use the DR-40X to record nature, ambient sounds and more to incorporate into my music productions and future artistic endeavors. I pretty much take it wherever I go and use it to help keep me organized.”

In addition to his Model 12 and DR-40X, Lere also uses TASCAM TH-07 headphones, which he, too, is passionate about. “The TASCAM TH-07 headphones strike the perfect balance between being comfortable, clear and reliable,” he says. “They enable me to focus on my work without distraction. I use these headphones while working in my studio, on my computer, and tracking live shows. Their versatility makes them a great choice for all types of work.”

Before turning his focus back to his music efforts, Lear made these parting comments, “All in all; community, gear, and support are what fuel my creative livelihood, and TASCAM has been the best in all of those areas. The company has been very supportive of my music career and very responsive when communicating.” My thanks to everyone out there for everything!”