The new Houston food wonder is a gourmet paradise – TerraMar Imports carries all European food products

IIf you live to eat and love to cook, there’s a new food import business in Houston you should know about. Meet TerraMar Imports. It’s a fast-growing e-commerce website specializing in European delicacies produced in Mediterranean countries from Spain to Greece, France and Italy. The company originally launched as a small startup selling paella kits and equipment, but has grown into much more.

Although there is still enough demand for the countless paella ingredients, pans and individual gas burners that Terra Mar buys, it was bought by a private investor in the summer of 2021. The investor aims to grow and offer retail (online) to customers. and wholesale over 1,400 international food products, from cold-pressed olive oil to jams to the rare Jamon Iberico (think Central Market). And these are just to name a few.

“After adding those suppliers to our growing customer base, we found a gap in the market for high-quality artisanal European food products,” says Steve Martin, president of TerraMar Imports. “Our acquisitions professionals travel to Spain, Italy, France and Greece in search of partnerships and exclusive products for epicureans who want a taste of Europe in America.”

Located in a pristine, climate-controlled 60,000-square-foot warehouse near North Post Oak, Houstonians can shop online, create custom boxes for themselves, or give a gift to a friend or colleague and pick them up the next day. As someone who can spend hours in supermarkets like Central Market, Phoenicia, and Asian Grocers, I find myself crawling the aisles and shelves with products like Frantuo Muraglia Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my cart. a rainbow-striped ceramic bottle ($48.85) and Terra del Tuono’s cute little truffle pearls ($19), delicate spheres filled with white truffle reduction.

Pasta fans can find every shape and style of imported pasta imaginable and the sauces that come with them. Amelia and Co. brand — marinara, basil pesto, Italian vodka sauce, and more. makers — TerraMar house brand. It is sold in only two places – Central Market and

The selection of imported olive oils at TerraMar is amazing. (Courtesy of TerraMar Imports)

But there’s more to TerraMar than that.

Like potato chips? Silly question, of course. I tried Spain’s Rubio Brand Honey and Mustard Flavored Chips ($3.99) and I can guarantee you won’t be able to stop at just one. (These chips are also available in flavors like Lemon Fried Chicken and Iberian Ham.) Got guests? Create a charcuterie board with dishes like Eggplant Hummus from Spain ($8.95), slice Adagio salami ($21.45) with varieties like hot soppressata salami and Felina salami, red wine and garlic salami, and finish with flaked Alorena. olives ($6.95).

Sweets offered by TerraMar include Panettone, an Italian holiday favorite, as well as biscotti and amaretti wrapped in beautiful shapes. Breakfast in the morning includes organic granola to jams with any imaginable combination of fruit, a variety of teas for every taste, and hot chocolate for the child in all of us. With over 1400 items, I could go on, but I won’t.

Instead you. you can create your own delicious discoveries. The TerraMar Imports warehouse is located at 1234 N. Post Oak. Customers can buy groceries online and choose to have them shipped to their home or pick them up in person at the warehouse between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

There is a whole world of food here.