“The need for alternatives to seafood has become absolutely essential”

“The need for alternatives to seafood has become absolutely essential”As consumer demand for seafood begins to outstrip already tight supply, Spoonshot CEO and co-founder Kishan Vasani told attendees at the IFT FIRST conference in Chicago this month.

Citing Stanford research that found global fish consumption has doubled since 1998 and will increase another 80% by 2050, Vasani said, Spoonshot’s data also shows consumer interest has grown 9% in the 12 months ending April 2022, and is on the rise. 117% since 2016.

Based on online consumer conversations tracked by Spoonshot, this rise is driven primarily by consumer interest in the health benefits of seafood, including anti-inflammatory, weight loss, detoxification, heart health, antioxidant and brain, skin, gut and eye health. along with the muscle. win, said Vasani.

“Nutritionally, consumers see seafood as a good source of protein and omega fatty acids and wellness, while also being low in carbohydrates.”he added.


“Unfortunately,”he said “It’s this popularity of seafood that’s also causing the problem.”,

He explained that unlike livestock, whose populations are expected to double by 2050, freshwater and ocean fish populations are declining at an alarming rate, and according to the UN, 90% of marine life and fish are fully exploited or overexploited or under serious threat. from overfishing, pollution and rising ocean temperatures.

“If the world continues to consume at this rate, there may be no fish left by 2050.”he said