The Middle East and North Africa Region in a World View

The war against Ukraine and global supply chains hit by the COVID-19 pandemic have made the countries of the Middle East and North Africa region once again seek economic partners. Gas by tanker from Qatar rather than the Gazprom pipeline, sourced close to Egypt or Tunisia rather than manufactured in China or Vietnam. This is good news for a region that has struggled in recent years not to lose out in international competition.

At the same time, the world looks to the Middle East and North Africa more now than it has in a long time. Whether it is the World Climate Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh or the World Cup in Qatar. More importantly, the Gulf countries play an important role as a hub for Asian-European trade in the debate on international supply chains, as do the countries of North Africa – as an economic region and as potential trade partners with central and sub-Saharan Africa.

Therefore, TBD Media Group (TBD) is proud to present the “50 MENA Leaders” campaign. The campaign consists of a series of case studies and interviews and will be hosted on Gulf News. TBD wants to give leading companies in the MENA region a platform to showcase past achievements and present their visions for the future. The campaign raises awareness of the great innovative potential that exists in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Paolo Zannini, CEO of TBD, describes the drive behind the campaign as follows:

Politicians and business leaders from Europe and the United States of America have focused on their respective regions for a very long time. In our current ever-changing environment, it is important to gain new insights. By highlighting pioneering visionaries from the Middle East and North Africa region, we hope to encourage the exchange of ideas and strategies and the creation of new business relationships.”

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Companies featured in this launch:
Prime Car Rental Company: A leading car rental company, providing easy access to flexible mobility
TRELLIX: A Cybersecurity Company Built on Extensible Detection and Response (XDR)
SYNGENTA: A leading agricultural technology company, helping millions of farmers around the world grow safe, nutritious food while respecting biodiversity
FLYADEAL: A low-cost everyday digital airline created to meet the growing demand for affordable air travel in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
NAFFCO: One of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of life safety solutions
OQ: From unlocking the potential of hydrocarbons, to producing alternative and innovative energy solutions, OQ employs more than 6,000 local and international talents, elevating the Sultanate of Oman at home and around the world.
RAIN: MENA’s First Licensed Crypto Asset Platform Unleashes the Potential of This New Ecosystem

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Content writer: Anne Riesenweber