“The Magic of the Third Time”: Ruby’s Recipes Realize a Downtown Dream

Several customers and community members offered congratulations when Ruby made the announcement on their Facebook page on Tuesday, saying things like Ruby’s downtown location “was meant to be,” with some sharing that they “always pictured you (Ruby) in that building.”

It’s been two eventful years to get to that point.

Ruby’s Recipes just opened its doors at 462 Memory Lane Ste. 170 in June 2020. Allen named the restaurant in honor of his late mother Ruby.

While Rubie’s is perhaps most famous for his Italian cuisine and delicacies, Allen didn’t limit it


By themselves to this style of dining only, they have expanded to serve heated and “Xpress” meals as well as desserts such as the famous New York-style cheesecake or hummingbird cake.

Allen added that even before they found the place in Memory Lane, he had contacted the owner about the new location. Realizing that the place has been through many times over the years, Allen made it clear that it’s not so much that he wishes the previous restaurants would fail.

He said of the location and his desire to locate there “was just feeling it”.

Several times, the building became available and, for various reasons, was not able to function until this time.

“It’s definitely God’s Hand because I think I have a chance to hone my skills in the current location,” Allen said.

He shared that as soon as he got to a bigger place like the downtown location “at first it might have been overwhelming”.

To me, the Hand of God was saying ‘This is not the place for you’… [and] Now I’m ready to go, Allen said.

His wife, Julia, indicated that they were already looking for other sites along Ga.400 or closer to Dahlonega, but they really wanted to stay in the downtown area of ​​Dawsonville.

“God was saying, I’ve got something in my sleeve. Just wait for your time. I give you inspiration that you will move soon, [so] Just trust me,” she said. “Do not rely on your own understanding, and I will direct your paths.”

And then, as such, the place where they “originally hoped”, the building they passed through daily and “much our hearts desire”, became available.

Allen said his response was to praise God and remember his blessings, especially two years of community support.

Last fall, dozens of people showed up to buy bowls of spaghetti as part of a fundraiser while Allen was recovering from health issues. Since that time, Robbie has also helped with local efforts such as the fundraising campaign for The Place and helping raise funds for Mason Palmor, a Dawson County teenager battling brain cancer.

“We’ve had so much support from this community, it’s humbling,” Allen said. “It really is.”

Julia added that they “want to be another fulcrum downtown,” similar to the famous billiards room down the road.

Much of Ruby’s food will remain the same. However, customers will now be able to purchase the dishes in another way, as Ruby’s Recipes are now registered with Uber Eats.

Also, Julia shared that they have something special on their mind on Friday and Saturday nights.

While Rubie’s will remain a delicious Italian restaurant and café during the day, it will remain open until about 10 p.m. on those nights for pizza lounge hours.

Similarly, Julia will stop her horse business and resume baking for the restaurant, where her former baker has moved away.

A smiling Julia shared that she had been baking since about the second grade, and because of the slight age gap between her and Allen, he started cooking around the same year.

She added that the restaurant’s location was largely a “turnkey” for them, but they still had to bring in equipment like a pizza oven before the September opening. They will have to close for about two weeks in mid-August to complete the move to the new location.

And they said in a Wednesday Facebook post that Ruby will also be hired, as it will have about 45 more seats.

The restaurant employs a waiting staff, dishwasher, sandwich maker and prep chef. People interested in one of these jobs can visit Allen at their current location, 462 Memory Lane Ste. 170, or send a message to the restaurant via their Facebook page.

Robbie will also be participating in the “A Taste of Italy” event at Buckley Vineyards in Elijah on the evening of September 24th.