The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday 14 March

Hello everyone! Your Top Chef Tuesday recap is coming soon. But first, I would like to express my support for Kyle Walker-Peters, who suffered racist abuse during Southampton’s game against Man United this weekend.

I love you KWP! You are one of us!


Welcome to your first Top Chef Tuesday! Here we recap Season 20 Episode 1.

The level of this season’s Top Chef is unmatched compared to the previous 19 US-based seasons. Not even the noblest All Star cast came out like this group in London, where even the simplest mistake, like neglecting to devein your prawns, will send you home.

“Usually it starts a few weeks later, but now it starts right away,” host Padma Lakshmi said of the tight margins.

Was there a Tottenham Hotspur Stadium observation? No.

rapid fire:

After touring parts of central London, our chefstatants made their exit (or so I assume) to Knightsbridge.

The first challenge paired these chefs, each with five hand-held vegetables and a seafood protein and 30 minutes to create a dish.

As we’ll find out, many international chefs aren’t used to the American version of the show, which puts them at a clear disadvantage. Still, most are up to the occasion.

Among those at the top were the aguachile from Luciana (Brazil) and Gabri (Mexico), as well as the fried turbot from Sylwia (Poland) and Buddha (USA) with homemade butter.

But surprise, it was the grilled langoustine dish from Sara (US) and Dale (Canada) that won the challenge! Interesting. I identified Sara as the first to go home. But she and Dale get immunity.

Quickfire winners: Sara (USA) and Dale (Canada)

Elimination Challenge:

For elimination, chefs must create a vegetable dish with a protein that serves more as a side dish than a main component.

And here’s a secret to Top Chef’s success: stick to the brief!

Chebrel, winner of Top Chef MENA, follows the instructions perfectly, raising the “humble onion” into a perfect dish. German Tom’s carrots-over-carrots-over-carrots approach with bone marrow draws similar acclaim, as does Michelin-starred chef Michelan Begona (Spain) with her gorgeous pumpkin crown dish.

Meanwhile, Gabri and Dawn (US) are a mess in the kitchen. The Mexican Top Chef winner accidentally spills a ton of water into Dawn’s vegetables on the burner, and the former American finalist goes into panic mode.

These two struggled in their approach. Dawn was praised for her baking, but failed to complete the challenge. Gabri forgot his emulsion in the middle of the drama and the judges were unhappy with his vegetables.

But it was a simple mistake by Samuel that proved too glaring. The French champion forgot to clean his prawns, leaving the intestinal tract on the plates of two judges. You can make a dish as pretty as you want, but such a mistake in this contest will send you home early.

The first three: Chebrel (Winner; MENA), Begona (Spain), Tom (Germany).

last three: Samuel (Eliminated; France), Gabri (Mexico), Dawn (US).

Samuel could win his place in the competition! Top Chef Last Chance Kitchen will air alongside the main series.

Final Thoughts on Episode 1: It’s a stacked season. I don’t think Top Chef US had a contestant as talented as Buddha last year, but even he fell in the middle of the pack in the first episode. Begona, Chebrel, Ali (not mentioned in this recap) and Luciana (also not mentioned) all seem like this year’s favorites to me.

Fitzie’s song of the day: Flowers, by Miley Cyrus

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