The green and nutty ingredient you should add to blondies

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Adding a hazelnut component to sweet treats happens to be quite common in the baking world. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with nuts? Or a carrot cake loaded not just with pineapple and coconut, but with the yummy addition of toasted pecans?

However, one could say that there is an unspoken divide between those who like chocolate brownies with nuts and those who don’t. But what about blondes? Do most standard lager bar recipes contain a hazelnut component?

If you’re unfamiliar, blondies are cake-like squares similar to chocolate brownies but made with brown sugar and vanilla instead. Browned butter often serves as the signature element to these sweet treats, imparting a butterscotch flavor to every chewy bite. In fact, did you know that blondes made their debut in the culinary world nearly a decade before the hugely popular chocolate brownie?

In trying to determine whether or not most blondie recipes contain nuts, if the first recorded brownie recipe is any indication of the present, we can safely assume that most blondie recipes include nuts to create more depth in flavor and texture. The first recorded brownie recipe, which happens to be a blondie recipe, was published in 1896 and contained butter, molasses and, of course, pecan pieces.

If you’re making blondies but are tired of adding the same old pecans and walnuts, there’s one ingredient you might want to try: one that’s not just nutty and smooth but surprisingly green. in colour.

The ingredient that will elevate your next casserole of blondies

In addition to using Duff Goldman’s #1 tip to totally transform your blondes, you might want to try an exciting new ingredient to upgrade your favorite dessert. In a recent episode of Bon Appétit’s “Test Kitchen Talks” on YouTube, food writer Kendra Vaculin reveals her favorite ingredient to add to a casserole of rich, buttery blondies, and it’s not nuts or peanut butter. Vaculine whips up a pot of pistachio cream that looks a lot like your favorite nut butter but with a little more creaminess and a slightly thicker consistency. Vaculine describes how home chefs can use pistachio cream or pistachio butter like any other nut butter, like peanut or almond butter. She likes to add a swirl of creamy green spread to blondie batter before baking, describing how blondies are a lovely neutral dessert that allows the distinct pistachio flavor to really shine through and take center stage.

These tiny green seeds also work well with many other flavors including citrus fruits, all varieties of chocolate, and dried fruits such as dates and apricots. You can add a swirl or two of this exciting new product to your blondie batter as well as a handful or two of your favorite dried fruits for added depth.

If you’re partly about to turn your favorite dessert into a pistachio confection, there are plenty of other delicious ways to elevate your favorite blondie recipe.

The right mixes transform your standard blondie recipe

For those of you who aren’t quite sure whether to dedicate an entire pan of one of your favorite desserts to pistachio butter, the good news is that you have endless options for changing the profile. neutral flavor of butterscotch and vanilla blondies. Vincente pistachio cream, which is the brand featured in Bon Appétit’s “Test Kitchen Talks,” can be quite expensive, costing $30 for a 7-ounce jar on Amazon. If your budget doesn’t fit this creamy alternative, but you still want that one-of-a-kind pistachio flavor, feel free to use chopped pistachios instead.

While you can make white chocolate macadamia blondies, if you want to try something other than nuts, BBC Good Food shows how little additions like rhubarb and custard, and even malted milk, can transform your usual casserole. vanilla treats into a completely different dessert. Blondies are definitely a confection that can be transformed in an instant depending on the ingredients you decide to use. Smitten Kitchen recommends a multitude of variations, suggesting flavor extracts in addition to vanilla, such as almond or peppermint, and even adding ¼ cup of your favorite liquor to the batter and increasing the flour by 1 scoop. soup.

Whether you add a swirl or two of pistachio butter or extra chocolate chips, blondies are a versatile dessert that taste delicious no matter what recipe you decide to use.