The Farmer’s Market Mobile Store debuted in Pecos

MARCH 13 – PECOS – To promote healthy eating habits and address food insecurity among children and families in the Permian Basin, the West Texas Food Bank and Oxy have partnered to revitalize the new mobile Oxy Farmer’s Market truck with a launch event for students at Crockett Middle School.

The Oxy Farmer’s Market Mobile Pantry debuted on CMS on March 10, offering students a variety of delicious and healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, the West Texas Food Bank has given students the opportunity to learn about how to source fresh produce, how to incorporate healthy fruits and vegetables into their meals, and the nutritional benefits of eating healthy, whole foods.

“Oxy is excited to partner with West Texas Food Bank to bring our new mobile pantry to the farmers market,” said Samantha Lombardo, director of community relations and employee engagement. “Oxy is committed to addressing hunger and food insecurity in our communities, and we are excited to celebrate the launch of this new mobile produce pantry with Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD students. The new Oxy Farmer’s Market mobile pantry will serve 19 West Texas counties, providing fresh produce and whole foods to thousands of children and seniors and families in need across the Permian Basin.”

CMS students also participated in several interactive stations to sample a variety of fresh produce and watch healthy cooking demonstrations from the West Texas Food Bank. Oxy volunteers also distributed reusable eco-friendly lunch kits and a family-sized bag of farm-fresh produce to all staff and students, giving them the opportunity to share the importance of good nutrition and how it positively affects their overall health and wellness. being.

“We are thrilled to have this unique opportunity at Crockett Middle School,” Principal Brent Jaco said in a press release.

“Oxy and the West Texas Food Bank have been great community partners for PBTISD, and we are thrilled that they

Chosen CMS to debut in Oxy Farmer’s Market Mobile Pantry! ”

The mobile produce pantry will be traveling to many locations throughout West Texas, making fresh fruits and vegetables available to those who may not have access to healthy food options. Oxy and the West Texas Food Bank believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make healthy food choices, regardless of location or income level.

“West Texas Food Bank is excited to unveil the Farmer’s Market Mobile Pantry to our community,” said Libby Campbell, CEO of West Texas Food Bank. “We would not be able to continue to provide such innovative approaches to educating and feeding our community without our partners like Oxy. This truck will be the first of its kind in West Texas. Not only will we be able to bring thousands of pounds of fresh produce throughout all 19 counties, but we will also be providing ingredients Education, curiosity, and healthy habits for those who may not have access to rural communities. Oxy continues to touch lives in many ways.”

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