The Elden Ring player tries to fight the bosses, but it backfires


An Elden Ring clip captures a player attempting to push a boss off a cliff, but in the process they themselves are dragged to their deaths.

After an explosive release boasting great sales numbers and great reviews, Ring of the Elden continues to be a hot topic in the gaming community. Ring of the EldenThe new open-world version of the classic FromSoftware formula, coupled with its immersive world and thrilling combat, makes for an incredibly memorable experience.

The game’s challenging combat is one of its main features and one of its greatest strengths. There are many clips showing players going through these fights, many of which are hardcore boss battles against some of the toughest enemies in the game. While some of these clips are posted to declare a player’s victory over a boss, sometimes the clips are of a defeat as a heartbreaking defeat for Ring of the Eldenis King Morgott.


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These defeat posts tend to serve two purposes: one, to show the mechanics and difficulty of a boss, and two, to show a hilarious series of events that led to the player’s death. The latter of these two leads to comic clips of players making mistakes that lead to death, as one Ring of the Elden player jumping to death while fighting a dragon. Recently, another clip of this nature surfaced, showing a player taking arrogance against the Fallingstar Full-Grown Beast and attempting to push the boss off the mountain of him. Instead, the player found himself dragged to death while the beast lived.

The player in question was Reddit user oldman_reynolds, a player who was attempting to escalate the fight of the beasts by pushing her away. The irony of this statement is immediately apparent at the start of the clip, as the beast has a small sliver of health left over that the old man could have easily drained. Instead, presumably as evidence, Oldman decided to see if the beast could be lured into a hard fall, making the fight easier. Ring of the EldenFallingstar Beast is a challenging boss with a lot of health, which further adds to the desperation players have felt watching the old man fail.

Reddit users were quick to comment on the lines below the clip due to the Oldman tragedy, with many pointing out a resemblance to a popular cinematic moment. One user joked that if oldman just hit the beast, she would die as quickly as oldman died. Another user said the beast used a ONE reverse card, instead dragging the old man to death. Many other users have referred to the Balrog from Lord of the Ringsspecifically mentioning a scene where the monster drags a character into a pit as he falls.

References and jokes aside, The Fallingstar Beast takes a note Ring of the EldenStarscourge Radahn’s playbook, which uses gravity spells to its advantage. Ironically, no spells were used on oldman_reynolds; instead, the same gravity led to their downfall as the beast watched safely from above.

Ring of the Elden is available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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