“The demand for onions has increased in foreign markets.”

With the lifting of epidemic control measures, onion exports have gradually returned to normal. The European market was affected by lower production during the last quarter. For its part, demand has increased. At present, the export volume of onions has increased sharply compared to previous months, and the price is rising. Director Wang is responsible for the sales of Jining Shangzhuo Food Co, Ltd. He told Fresh Plaza about the recent onion crop and the expected export situation for the new season.

He explained that fresh onions have been delivered from Yunnan in 2023 since March 18. Yunnan’s production this season is practically the same as last year’s. In terms of origin, the cultivation area of ​​yellow onions in China is usually larger than that of red onions, which are mostly sold domestically. Yellow onions are mainly exported to overseas markets. »


In overseas markets, orders to South Korea decreased, but demand in the European market is still strong. Onion production in Europe decreased due to high temperatures in 2022, which explains the high demand for imported onions. Jining Shangzhuo Food Co., Ltd. It currently exports 60-80mm/80-100mm peeled onions in 20kg boxes, with an annual export volume of about 15,000 tons. Onion growing areas include Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Henan and Shandong. Exports are heading to Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan and South Korea. “We have also increased the export of frozen onion products,” said Director Wang.

In terms of sea transportation, some companies have recently reduced the number of ships in order to avoid lower freight rates. This led to a shortage of positions and a slight increase in freight rates. »

Regarding the market outlook for the next few weeks, Director Wang said: “After the onions were withdrawn from Yunnan, onions from Jiangsu, Henan and Shandong provinces will arrive one by one. It is expected that the volume of onion exports will continue to increase in the coming weeks and the harvest will continue in parallel which will have some impact.” at the market price.”

Besides onion, ginger, garlic, apple and pear are some of the main products exported by Jining Shangzhuo Food Co., Ltd.

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