The brand of the big city comes with the decor of the hotel restaurant


There is no large, modern, truly cosmopolitan city in the 21st centurySt The Century is not a hotel chain that is linked to an attractive and pleasant restaurant. This has been the case since the rich, bubbly, married to The Thin Man walked into the legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel, downed several martinis and began dining well in style.

The Waldorf Astoria New York still has Peacock Alley as the W in Manhattan has its heartbeat. The Conrad in downtown Los Angeles has two new dining locations, San Laurel and Agua Viva. The Rosewood in Washington DC has elegant bedrooms. The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago has its Z Bar and Lobby Lounge among the relaxed dining options.

The idea of ​​sophistication is not only reserved for the price, but the wonderful way the restaurant of the hotel matches the decor, decoration and level of taste of its restaurant – for the local habit of driving the restaurant as a place to eat every day, as well as visiting tourists looking for something comfortable, cool and culinarily exciting.

Cordish Company Live! Casino & Hotels in Hanover, MD and Philadelphia, PA (they also, together with Loews Hotels & Co created Live! from Loews luxury hotels in St. Louis, MO and Arlington, TX), understand the meaning is to give a high mind. hotel and gaming ideas for dining partners. While Maryland Live! partnering with nationally renowned chefs such as Bobby Flay for the restaurant, the new Philadelphia Live! Casino & Hotel has partnered with a tony East Coast classic – the Prime Rib – and transformed the old traditional, but beautiful version of the Rib as the anchor restaurant.

Joe Billhimer, executive vice president of Cordish Gaming Group told Philadelphia Weekly that when his company began strategizing how to bring Live! The Casino & Hotel brand for life in Philadelphia, it is important that the experience – gaming, dining, entertainment, hospitality – is exciting, sophisticated and meaningful for the residents of the city as well as for the tourists. “Commitment to quality service at every Cordish property is in our DNA… and we wholeheartedly understand the direct line between the needs and scale of the city and the hospitality offering. stranger,” said Billhimer. “When travelers decide where to travel, where to spend their hard-earned dollars and precious time, we know accommodations and entertainment — fine dining and lifestyle — weigh heavily in that process.”

New hotels like Live! may have gone to a completely new food concept. The Cordish team just happened to go in a different direction with the goal of being “good neighbors and contributing positively to the city’s reputation as the best place for restaurants and warm hospitality.” Because the Cordish family has a long-standing relationship with the Dolan family’s operation of Prime Rib – a four-decade-old Center City/Rittenhouse-area steakhouse dedicated to martinis and (filet) mignon – making the Rib Live! The great dining experience at their Philadelphia location is second to none.

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“We considered the best way to re-imagine a Center City Philadelphia favorite for a new and diverse crowd,” Billhimer said of the dressed-up millennial diners, said, in Thursday night at the Prime Rib where the piano player was resounding. , Chef Justin Nelson whips out a wine cellar and bartender Dan Kulisek keeps the martinis dry. Add in the Wells Fargo Center/Lincoln Financial/Citizen Bank ballers and the Live! the casino gambler, and you have a party.

“We worked closely with second restaurant owners Brenda and Rebecca Dolan to take some of the features that make The Prime Rib unique and combine them with design elements and new experiences, such as the Library Bar and private dining areas with floor-to-ceiling windows,” said Billhimer. “It’s an exciting step for the family restaurant to return to Philadelphia through this This is a collaboration, and we’re very proud to have brought the shared vision to life. And remember, the Prime Rib space at Live! is very different from the previous Philadelphia location. The Dolans and I filmed the re-imagining its former glory through an elegant and sophisticated approach for today’s guests. High ceilings decorated with luxurious chandeliers, luxurious chairs and booths, beautiful floors. As for the traditional Pri With rib and steakhouse as our base, we have attracted more hotel and casino guests with our nightly specials. These offer something a little different every night for those who visit daily or stay with us for a short period of time. For example, Bubbles and Pearls champagne and oyster specials on Wednesdays followed by Lucky 8 food and live music by Dan Kulisek on Thursday nights have captivated guests and kept them busy. Whether you’re staying in a hotel for a few nights or living nearby in South Philadelphia, it’s nice to have an exciting new reason to visit.



The US-wide Hyatt Hotel chain has several brands within a larger umbrella brand to contend with: Hyatt House and Hyatt Regency, for example. The newest of the Hyatt hotels, however, is the stylish, artisan-friendly, locally-minded hotel, the Hyatt Centric. With 40 Centrics in the U.S. alone, the Hyatt Centric Center City, in Philadelphia, is the 21st to open in 2021, at the corner of Rittenhouse is home to one of Philly’s best downtowns. eater.

Elizabeth Fricke, Director of Marketing for all things Hyatt stated that the overall goal of the hotel brand – regardless of the experience you choose – is to create a seamless and quality experience for guests.

“Whenever you have two parties that can make decisions with a common goal at the top, the result will be a consistent, high-quality product,” Fricke said. “The Centric brand began with a desire to share our favorite places and stories with our guests. This Hyatt inspired us to create the perfect launch pad for the discerning traveler – a unique residence with everything they need and nothing they don’t.You’ll find Centric’s in the middle of some of the most unique places, always in the middle of the action.

In Philadelphia, for example, being the center of all the action means tapping into that city’s high-end and low-end cuisine of all tastes and ethnicities done boldly and deliciously.

When it comes to finding and/or dining for the newest in the Hyatt Centric chain and its spacious, blonde-wood-heavy rooms (the large flat screen TVs on both sides of the room hotel/bedroom is really nice) , Fricke said Hyatt executives had an open discussion about the dining space that began during the hotel’s initial design concept. foreign, and was carefully considered during the architectural design. “Some of the more important topics discussed from the beginning were the concept of food, the design of the back of the house as well as the design of the house with an increased conversation about meeting spaces and differentiation competitors, which included AV integration in all meeting rooms.”

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Going like they did at Patchwork- an all-day-night-after-dinner restaurant, multi-ethnic inspired cuisine with a Philadelphia flair – the Hyatt Centric team must made sure that the restaurant had the same level of taste, literally and figuratively, with what the new hotel had in mind. “The construction of the restaurant was based on what would best flow with the aesthetics and design of the lobby, creating an open restaurant and dining area for guests,” said Fricke. “When our design team was brought in, there was an opportunity to introduce elements that spoke not only to the Patchwork name, but also to the history of Philadelphia, which was not consistent with the Centric brand.”

Ask Executive Chef Jonathan Dearden, the man behind making Patchwork purr, and the season of taste, he says that when he first met with the hotel group, he and his staff were immediately impressed by the level ‘the craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the cars that the Hyatts have made. held enthrall. “We are excited to bring a new and exclusive restaurant, Patchwork, to Hyatt Centric, something that reflects the passion of the lobby with modern American cuisine infused with Latin and Asian influences. More movement of well-thought-out appetizers for table sharing is key. And menu items such as the Spanish octopus dish with a good pork belly with a glass of red wine, or the Tommy’s Margarita with agave and lime. We want this restaurant to have a special soul. We have worked tirelessly to create a unique and intimate dining experience here at Hyatt Centric with a rotating menu and fresh and creative cocktails.


Or four or five creative cocktails.

The two new hotels and the relaxed, delicious restaurant are the best, the latest examples of what it means to be a truly cosmopolitan city in the 21st century. Raise a glass to the Thin Man, and let’s eat and stay.