The best things to grill


As the summer season continues, there’s no better time to get grilling and grilling. Whether you’re cooking a full meal or preparing a Friday night appetizer, there are plenty of foods to choose from that will ensure a hearty and refreshing meal for you and your friends or family.

hot dogs and hamburgers

For easy starters, you can’t go wrong with classics like hot dogs Y burgers. Taking only ten to 15 minutes to cook, both hot dogs and burgers ensure a relatively quick and filling meal that can be customized for each person eating. Whether adding pickles and tomato to your burger or debating between ketchup and mustard for your condiment of choice, hotdogs and burgers are sure to be a crowd pleaser on those summer nights when you’re cooking for a large group.



Secondly, grilled pineapple It can be a great side dish or even a summer dessert. Although you may not think to put fruit on the grill, doing so caramelizes the sugar and makes your dish even richer in flavor and sweetness. Easy to make and a refreshing addition to any meal throughout the day, grilled pineapple could be just the thing for your barbecue.


Kabobs are the perfect thing to grill and customize with your own ingredients this summer. While some skewers combine meats like steak and chicken with vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms (as shown on the this recipe), other recipes use shellfish like shrimp to mix with lemon and garlic to make a more flavorful meal. Regardless of how you make your skewers, each combination guarantees a fun and tasty creation for your summer.


Speaking of shrimp, fish is another great food group to grill. Although shellfish is a primary form of fish that people frequently grill, that doesn’t rule out other types of shellfish like salmon or sea bass that can be grilled just as easily. Either grilled tilapia with a little lemon-pepper seasoning or a single serving grilled salmonthere are millions of ways you can add fish to your grill this summer and prepare new recipes to enjoy.


For a more versatile barbecue material, you can’t go wrong tossing vegetables on the grill. Whether you’re using them as a side dish (such as grilled asparagus either potatoes) or by cooking them as toppings for other parts of your meal (ie tomatoes, onions, etc.), vegetables are quick and easy to prepare and serve as the perfect topping or side dish for your barbecue experience.


Last but not least, ribs are one of the barbecue staples you can grill this summer. Although ribs take much longer to cook than the foods listed above (up to two hours depending on your recipe), they are definitely worth every minute as the end product is a delicious meal for you and your guests. In addition to the ribs, you can also customize the seasonings and spreads you use in your recipe, making this meal your own.

When it comes to grilling this summer, there’s no end to the different foods you can try. Whether you’re cooking a meal for ten or a snack for two, this is the perfect time to get out there and enjoy new barbecue recipes.

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