The best sirloin steaks, fruit cups, pierogies, oat milk and impossible burger patties

Publix is ​​offering new sales starting January 25th including Sirloin Steak, Northland 100% Juice Blend, Doll Fruit Cups, Mrs. T Pierogies, Pillsbury Strudel Toaster, Chobani Outmilk, Joseph’s Pita Bread, Impossible Burger Patties and more.

These deals are based on an online ad preview on the Publix website for the Raleigh, NC location. Some prices may differ in other stores. You may want to check your ad to check rates. This listing is not a price guarantee.

Frozen food gift card promotion

Get a $10 Publix Gift Card when you spend $30 on it Participation in frozen products From January 1 to March 31, 2023 at Publix, you can win up to $50 in gift cards. Participating brands include Birds Eye, Marie Callender’s, Healthy Choice, Gardein’s, Banquet’s, Mrs Paul’s, Hungry-Man, Udi’s, Bertolli’s, Kid Cuisine, Glutino’s and more. See details on the rewards site.

Deals valid 1/18-2/7/23

Publix Peanut Butter, 12 oz., in the produce department. $1.99

Sara Lee Butter Bread, 20-ounce bag, BOGO, from $1.99 each

Split chicken breast, $2.49/lb

Florida oranges, 4-pound bag, $3.99

Community Coffee, 11 or 12 ounce bag or 10 or 12 individual cups, BOGO for $4.50 each

Kellogg’s Cereal, Select BOGO – $1/2 coupon from

Kraft Mac & Cheese, 5.5-7.3 Ounce Box, Buy 2, Get 2 Free

Imported Pompeian Olive Oil, 16 oz., Pogo

After cereal, select, BOGO

Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 8 Mega Rolls, $5.50 – $1 Publix digital coupon

Offers valid this week

These deals are valid from January 25-31, 2023.


Gas card coupon in the ad: Get $10 off a $50 gas card purchase with grocery purchases of $50 or more. Valid 25-31 January 2023. See online advertisement for details.


avocado, $1 each

Mango, $1.25 each

Ambrosia apples, $1.99/lb

Bartlett Beers, $1.99/lb

Red and Delicious Tomatoes, $1.99/lb

Red Onion, $1.99/lb

Baby Bella Mushroom, Whole, 8 oz., 2 for $4

Packaged Green Beans, 1 lb., $2

Potato Inspirations Potatoes, 24-ounce bag, BOGO, $2.50 each

Broccoli or cauliflower, $2.99 ​​per bunch

Brussels sprouts, $2.99 ​​per package

Organic Lettuce, $2.99

Peaches or nectarines, $2.99/lb

Red Seedless Grapes, $2.99/lb

Romain Hearts, 3 digits, $2.99

Sumo Certos, $2.99/lb

Zucchini or yellow squash, 24 ounces, $2.99

Organic Grape Tomatoes, $3

red or black plum, $3.29/lb

Blackberries, 6 oz., $3.33

Blueberries, 11 ounces, $3.99

Cherry, $4.99/lb

Meat and seafood

Ground chuck, $3.99/lb

Sirloin chops, assorted, $3.99/lb

Chuck Roast, boneless, $5.99/lb

Publix Premium Shrimp, 12 ounces, frozen, $5.99

Top Sirloin Steak, boneless, $5.99/lb

Greenwise Angus Top Round London Broil, $6.49/lb

White shrimp. 31-35/lb., $6.99/lb

Publix Beef Steak, 12 ounce, frozen, $8.99

Salmon fillet, $9.99/lb

Greenways Boneless Chicken Breast, Pogo


Johnsonville Sausage Links, or Bratwurst, 12 or 14 ounces, $4

Kayem Old Tyme Franks, 12 ounces, $4

Brookwood Farms Pulled Pork, BBQ Beef, or Chicken, 15 or 16 ounce package, $5

Impossible Burger Patties, 8 oz., Pogo’s come to $3.55 apiece

Deli, Bakery & Flowers

GreenWise Bakery Crusty Baguette, 8.5 ounces, $1.59

Joseph’s Pita or Lavash Bread, choose 8 or 9 ounce at Deli, BOGO for $1.90 each

BelGioioso Shredded or Shredded Cheese, Select, 4 oz, Pogo $2.10 each

Publix Bakery Sourdough French Bread, 12 oz., $2.19

The Bakery’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, 6 Count, $2.99

Publix Bakery Danish Pecan Ring, 15 ounces, BOGO up to $3.50 each

Dairy and refrigerated products

Get a $5 Publix Gift Card when you spend $15 on Yoplait or LaLiberte yogurt through 2/28/23. See details at

Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls, 4-ounce box or Cinnamon Rolls, 7.3-ounce box or Grand’s! Biscuits, 10.2 ounce box or Mini Cookies, 12 ounce box, Pogo goes for $1.50 each

Brixton Sour Cream, 16 oz., $2

Chobani Oatmilk, 52 oz or Coffee Creamer, 24 oz, BOG0 for up to $2.70 each – $1/2 coupon off 1/1 SS (exp 1/28) or 1/29 SS

Chobani Yogurt, Select, 4 Pack or Probiotic Drinks, 6 Pack, BOGO for up to $2.99 ​​each – $1/2 yogurt coupon from 1/20 SS or $1/2 coupon for probiotic drinks from 1/1 SS (exp 1/8)

Phage Greek Yogurt, 32 ounce, Pogo for $3.40 each

Reser’s Main St Bistro Baked Sides, 17 or 20 ounces, $4.50

Icelandic Professions Sky Yoghurt, 4.4 or 5.3 ounce, Pogo


Green Giant Simply Steam Veggies, 9-10 oz, Pogo’s $1.60 each

Mrs. T’s Pierogies, SELECT BOGOs retail for $1.75 each

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel 6-Piece or Toaster Strudel, 4-Piece, BOGO Comes to $1.83 each

Frozen Banquet Appetizers, Select 10-16.95 Ounces, Pogo Goes to $2.50 Each

Buy it: Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles, Select 10 Count, $2.50 – $1/2 coupon from

Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Frozen, 8-10 oz, Pogo $3.15 each

Stouffer or Lean Cuisine entrees, select $3.33

Gorton shrimp. Select, 8.2-14 ounce pogo’s run to $5.25 each


Dove Ice Cream Molds, 3-14 Pieces, BOGO

Halo Top Ice Cream, 16-Ounce Pops or Bars, Select, BOGO

Mayfield Ice Cream, Pick, Pogo

Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza Co. Pizza, Select, BOGO

Tyson Anizer Chicken Wings, 22 oz., Pogo

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars, Select 21-Ounce Box, BOGO

The shelf is stable

Campbell’s Coup, Select, 10.5-11.5 Ounce Can, Pogo Up to $1 Each

Gerber 2nd Foods 2 Pack, $1.25

Lindsay Spanish Olives, 5.75 oz jar, BOGO, for $1.30 each

7UP Products, 2-Liter, Pogo, for as low as $1.50 each

Doll Fruit Cups, 4 Pack, Choose, Pogo for $1.63 each

Mrs. Cubbison’s Croutons, 5 ounces, or Salad Crackers, 1.98 ounces, Pogo’s up to $1.70 each

Funables Fruit Snacks, 10 Count, BOGO, $1.75 each

Northland 100% Juice Blend, 64 oz., Pogo for $1.95 each

Success Rice, 12 or 14 Ounce Box, $2 – $1 Publix digital coupon (exp 1/27) and 500 Fetch Rewards points when you buy 2 (enter code C472J when Register here And get bonus points when you pick up your first receipt)

Tazo Tea Bags, Select 15-20 Count, BOGO for $2.10 per bag

of Ground Cauliflower Crackers, 4 oz., Pogo’s comes to $2.25 each

Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner Select, 9.29-14 ounces or Cracker Barrel Mac & Cheese, 12-14 ounces, BOGO for $2.50 each

Pepperidge Farmhouse Bread or Buns, 16 to 24 ounces, BOGO for $2.50 each

Farmers Cashew Halves and Chunks or Mixed Nuts, 8-10.3 Ounce Package, BOGO $3.50 each

Eight Clock Coffee, 11 or 12 ounce Bag or K Cups, 12 Count, BOGO for $4.99 each


a.1. Sauce, 10 oz., Pogo

Betty Crocker Cookie, Brownie and Cake Mix, Pick, Pogo

Betty Crocker Frosting, 12-16 oz., Pogo

Bobo’s Oat Bites, or Bars, 6.5 oz., BOGO

Coke Products, 2 Liter, Buy 2 Get 2 Free

College Inn Broth, Select 32 oz., BOGO

Rinds Pork Butchery, Select, BOGO

Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes, 28 Ounce, Select, BOGO – Worth $1/2 Publix digital coupon (Exp 1/27)

Kar’s Trail Mix, 28-34 oz., Select, BOGO

Keebler cookies, SELECT, BOGO

Kraft Sauce, 14 or 16 oz., Pogo

Musselmann’s Apple Sauce, 6 Pack or 4 Pack, Pogo

Nabisco Graham Crackers, Select 12.2-14.4 oz., Pogo

Old El Paso Bean or Enchilada Sauce, 10 or 16 Ounce Can, Pogo

Old El Paso Taco Shells, Tortillas, or Flour Pockets, 8-18 Count, BOGO

Quaker Oats, 42 oz., Pogo

Rib Rack BBQ Sauce, select, BOGO

Soylent Ready-to-Drink Meals, 4-Pack, Pogo

Stevia in Raw Sweeteners, Select, Pogo

Thomas’ Swirl Bread, or Thin Bread, 13 or 16 oz., BOGO

Sides of rice in thyme, choose, BOGO


Brillo Snow Ball Disinfectant or Extra Strength Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 24 oz. $2.50

Zep Home Pro Bathroom Cleaner, 32 Ounce, $2.50

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, 4 Mega Rolls, BOGO Down to $3.75 Each – $0.50 coupon from quiltedn at registration
Brawny Paper Towels, 6 Double Rolls, BOGO – $1 Publix digital coupon or $1.50 coupon from

EZ Foil Pans, Select 1-3 Count, BOGO

Jumbo Foam Plates, 130 Count, Pogo

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, Select 14 lbs., BOGO

Pedigree Dentastix Snacks for Dogs, 21 or 24 Count, BOGO


Publix coupon policy basics:

*No double coupons at NC stores

* Limit of 8 coupons of the same vouchers per day

* Publix accepts competitor coupons and competitor prescription coupons (at the pharmacy). Each store’s competitor is different, so ask customer service.

*Manuf can be used. Coupon and coupon for Publix or a competitor on the same item

* Manufacturer’s digital coupons from their website cannot be combined with manufacturer’s paper coupons

* No % discount or % off of total vouchers is accepted

* Mobile coupons are not accepted

* Coupons for your total order total (eg $5 off a $20 purchase) will be limited to 1 Publix Coupon and 1 Competitor Coupon per day

*Rain checks are not being issued during a pandemic. As of March 2022, advertisements still state that they do not issue rain checks. Once you start issuing them again, rain checks are only issued for items that are advertised outside the store (on radio or television, in the weekly ad, in the mail, or on the Internet site). No rain checks will be issued to Publix, competitor or manufacturer coupons.

You can see their full coupon policy on their website.

Additional information

* Join Club Publix, a free loyalty program with savings, convenience, and personalization. See details at Once registered, enter your phone number at checkout to get discounts, redeem digital coupons, get sale prices, and more. You will also get a free birthday gift.

* Look for store coupons in the store coupon booklet located in the kiosk at the front of the store.

* BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) offers are a separate purchase and each episode arrives at half price. Coupon may be used on each item.