The Best Men’s Shoes of 2022


Traveling usually involves standing on your feet for hours on end, so you’ll definitely want a pair of sturdy shoes. At the same time, you’ll need something light and stylish that you can slip into quickly when you need to run out the door to catch your train, plane or car.

The Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 is our top pick for a slip-on shoe that has great all-day cushioning and style that works from your morning run to an afternoon at the museum and a night at the bar. But if you want something lighter, sleeker, or waterproof, read on for more great options.

Here’s our breakdown of the best slip-on shoes for men.


Tips for buying slip-on shoes

Prioritize comfort and support

Walking around a destination is one of the best ways to get to know it, so the last thing you want is to stop because your feet hurt. While you may think a minimal shoe is key, be honest about your existing foot problems and the level of support you need. Along with good arch support, look for shoes with a stronger heel cup.

Look for breathing

Many slip-on shoes allow you to walk around without socks, which is cool until you pull your feet up and they start to smell. If you prefer to go without socks, look for shoes that have good breathability and fight odors. Ventilated uppers are a good indication that the shoe offers some breathability.

Adapt the material to the climatic conditions

From canvas to leather to wool and mesh, slip-on shoes come in a wide range of materials. To decide which is best, consider when you’re most likely to wear them. As a quick rule of thumb: canvas and mesh are great for warmer weather, while wool and leather are better for cooler temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can slip-ons be stylish?

    yes Apart from the versatile loafers, plain black slippers can look great without being too casual when you’re going out to dinner or to a bar. Of course, more athletic styles are not the best choice for formal events.

  • Should I wear slip-on shoes with socks?

    While a bare ankle certainly looks good, your shoes will probably smell bad after you use them. Also, the natural oils in your feet are more likely to wear out your shoes. A happy medium might be a pair of no-show socks if they match the cut of your slippers.

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